You wake up in your pajamas inside a dark corridor. You look around to see one side has a door up ahead and the other a dark passage. You ponder on which side to takes but not taking any chances you use the nearest door.

Upon entering the room you see a man sitting alone bound to a wooden chair in the center of the room, on his head is a box and he too is wearing his pajamas. You are taken back by this a little but you work up the courage to speak to the man. You say "Hello" In a low voice so you do not startle the man. The man does not respond but you continue to talk anyways.

After asking a few question you ask him "Why he's there?". He speak in a low raspy voice and says "Snack time". Before you can respond to such a reply he quickly ask you to remove the box from his head. You would turn back now while trying to forget about this as soon as you can but you start to a hear him cry softly and feeling sympathy for the poor man you make your way to him.

As you walk to him you can hear the sounds of his cries get louder and louder until you finally reach him. You assure him that everything will be alright and that once you free him you leaves as fast as you can. You remove the box to find a horrific sight. The man head was completely ripped off, while more like bitten off. You can see multiple bug crawl around the into his neck. Inside the box appeared to be a walkie talkie. The door you enter though slam shut and your eye widen as you quickly feel a cold dead breath on the back of your neck. In a raspy voice the being says "Snack time".