before reading this make sure you read the first part

”what the frick is this?” i said as i kept pulling. eventually i saw the whole thing, sonic the hedgehog was under my bed. it wasn’t a plush, it wasn’t a doll, it was him. his fur was realisitc but for the most part he looked like modern sonic. the only problem is he was out cold, so i let him sleep next to me that night.

the next morning i was home alone again. sonic wasn’t actually next to my bed anymore, “was it a dream?”

nope, it really happened

sonic was downstairs, awake, playing the neo-geo pocket. we then had a conversation.

me: why are you in my house

sonic: you set me free when you played the game last night

me: are you gonna go sonic.exe on me? you went pretty crazy in the game

sonic: nah. i‘ve recovered from it. i think that there’s a file on your computer

(nerd alert) i opened my 2008 MacBook aluminum edition running OS 10.11 El Capitan and there was a file on my computer.

it was an .exe file. i had to put it through wineskin, but before i opened the wrapper, i realized “.exe, realy plushboy?“ i looked at sonic. he smirked at me, then his face went all scary and he hissed at me for half-a-second. i then ran to the fridge and came back with a “delicious” chili dog.

i opened the wineskin wrapper to reveal a sonic pocket adventure mod titled “no escape” with sonic crying purple liquid (water + blood?)

(unfortunately i did not have ms paint at the time of writing so i can’t recreate the title screen)

when i started the game i was playing as tails, and he was walking down a straight path. luckily i study creepypasta clichés and i know where this is going. dead animals, dead flowers, sonic going sicko mode on tails. i felt drool on my back, and i looked behind me to see sonic trying to attack me. “HEY BUDDY WHAT DID I DO TO YOU MAN” sonic then stopped, got mad, then ran away with the pocket game thing, and my macbook displayed the desktop, and the file was never seen again. but, i did see sonic one last time,

he was dressed up as some black market seller and gave a high schooler the copy i played, and then i realized the whole story.

if an oddly blue man gives you a blood-tainted copy of Sonic Pocket Adventure, burn it immediately, and the evil Sonic will die.

PS: i will honestly miss sonic in real life, the movie is going to butcher him up so much.