I was sitting on my couch, when I got my dad convinced to buy me smash bros. 4. I got both!!!!! Then, i heard a knock

on the door. There was a delivery man with a package. He said it was from a friend. It has been a while scince I seen my friend.

File:Purple Link.png

Let's just call him.......Kyle. There was a note on the package. It read: Destroy the disc. He's two slow for me. I was concerned.

Iput the disc into my computer. It wouldn't load, probably because i put so much weed so i can speed up my computer.

It loaded and it was Zelda 3. It said copyright 1991 which was wierd, scince the 2nd Zelda game was released in 1456. Anyway, I pushed start and showed Zelda, just like normal, but then Link was There! AnD ThE TiTlE wAs WrItEn lIkE tHiS. It was the scariest thing i saw, then Zelda died, and appeared! He said you will died. In a hypah realistic voice!!!!!!! The LOLSKELETONS and Evil PATRIXXX appeared!!!!!! LOLSKELETONS set my house on fire, and Evil PATRIXXX hauntedme for the rest of my life, and I died myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!two!!!!!!three!!!!!!!!!!!eight!!!!!!ninethousand!!!!