This is the sequel to my first pasta, sorry for the grammar Issues-The lover of fun video games and creepy Biblet02

As I wake up from that nightmare I was covered in sweat, I glance at my alarm clock and see it's 12:48 in the morning.

As I go to turn on my TV I see a note on my laptop and it says "Look on your PC Desktop-..." I put the dots because the name was scribbled out.

So I turn my TV on and listen to some nick at night for some background music, I look at my desktop and see a new folder called "Look if you dare....".

So I look in there and see a .JPG, .AVI and .GIF. I look at the JPG and see it's a photo of Sonic.exe for some reason. Nothing bad there.

I look at the .AVI and I see it is a 3 minute video that goes like this:

It starts off with gameplay of city escape from SA2 and the more the player goes through the more dark the level becomes when he beats the level there's a small jumpscare of (GUESS WHO!) Silver standing there next to Sonic's dead body with a evil grin.

Finally the Gif was of me Sleeping for about 10 seconds and that was all.

After that the power went out and my laptop somehow shut off even though it was at full battery I grab my phone and go downstairs to grab a few candles.

When I was heading down the stairs I hear someone breaking into my house I rush down the stairs at that point to go see and I see him: that bloody (Literally) White hedgehog.

He had a knife in hand and rushed at me from the kitchen up the stairs into my room yelling "IT'S NO USE RUNNING! TAAAAAAAKE THIS!" And he threw a knife at me a managed to dodge and go run into my closet and hide.

I remember I keep a pistol in my closet with ammo in it so I grabbed it, lunged open the door and shoot silver.

He fell to the floor with a loud thud and somehow said the words in a demonic voice "I will be back." and teleported away somewhere probably back to the sonic world to get orders from his "boss."

I haven't heard anything from him in a while so, hopefully never again.....

Wait, I see something outside my window; it looks yellow...