This is a fucking terrible pasta and was just made by complete joke. Enjoy my just hysterically funny story. I’m a kid that lives in a mansion in California LA, with a Overclocked Nintendo Switch and my Beast (or bitch) gaming pc with 4 rtx 2080 ti sli that bought from overclockers 8 pack, 256gb ram and 2 threadripper 32 core processors with I put my pc in ice with salt in a case with liquid cooling so my pc is -1 degrees that beat a loser called k1ngp1n on time spy cuz im richer than Microsoft, I use that pc for my stream when playing fortnite, then after I ended the stream I looked in the living room and found a sega genesis that was on a shelf, Im a modern epic gamer and a retro collector. And then my mind remembered mania. I went full speed to my pc and switch set up on avermedia portable 2 plus that I left for tomorrow for a stream in case my pc didn’t work but hey it was on a dock so I got my switch on portable mode and fired mania up and then the Sega logo was blood red and it said it like a demon did. Then it showed the devs dead on a stair case that had ice cream at the end of one punchit. It’s BLOODY ice cream I thought cuz I lived in Britain for 20 years than won the lotte and I paid trump for me to be legal. Then sonic was mangled andcrying with blood and and at the bottom right corner of the screen where the Sega logo should be, it said the n word (Then a trademark.) I just started it as quickly as possible. And I also started as sonic and at the beginning sonic was on the wing of the plane as normal but a bird hit sonics leg and he slipped off the wing and got blended by the jet engine. Cuz I played gta v multiple times, I didn’t get scared and sonics story ended and tails was next I started his game and this happened. I laughed the shit out of myself cuz of that mcgnome and put down the game. I looked at the garden and in it was a mangled blue hedgehog. that terrified me. It terrified me so much I rolled down the stairs to kill myself. But I reformed and laughed again because I’m a British alien. (P L O T T W I S T) then sonic.exe came up to me and I one punched him and he vanished. And went forever. I hope that happens to me in real tho. Also I told you it’s hysterical. Edit