File:Nazi Spongebob.jpg

It was 3:00am, Nicktoons was showing a new episode of Spongebob. It was called: Sandy's Suicide

Well, I watched it.

Act 1 starts with Sandy in her bedroom crying. But this wasn't the typical cartoon crying. It sounded as if Carolyn Lawrence (Sandy's voice actor) was really crying to make this scene. After two minutes, she stops and says "I really need to end this havoc. I'm just getting too overwhelmed about Texas." She grabbed a nearby M16 gun, she closed her eyes tightly and shot herself with it. I was like "Why in the world would Sandy do something like that?"

Then static was around for 5 minutes. Act 2 started with SpongeBob watching television in his House with pictures of Muhammad the muslin prophet of Islam and images of anthrophormorphic animals drawn by an e621 artist named "Vallhund" all over the walls. Suddenly, he heard the doorbell ring and opened it. When he opened the door, Squidward came in and said in a Russian accent "Sandy shot herself. She's not coming back." Act 3 starts with SpongeBob walking to Patrick's rock with a depressed look on his face. He sadly knocks on it and Patrick jumps out saying "Hi SpongeBob! Wait, why do you look so sad?" SpongeBob replies with "Squidward told me that Sandy shot herself and she ain't coming back." Patrick then said "What? No!" SpongeBob then said "I'm sorry Patrick, but this actually happened recently." When Patrick heard this, he immadietly started choking himself to death until he stopped moving. SpongeBob then walks back into his house with that same depressed face expression and the episode just stopped right there. It was over. I was traumatized of what I saw in this episode. I will never watch SpongeBob SquarePants again, never.