I was watching Spongebob, i saw this episode called Spongebob Deathpants, i said to myself: huh weird,but Spongebob is a kids show. - i decided to watch the episode.

The Episode: it starts with Spongebob sitting on his chair. he mumbled: i will kill them all - he gets up from his chair, he goes to the kitchen, he grabs a knife, he goes outside and he decided to kill Patrick cause he looked at Patricks rock.

I was scared. Patrick was just watching TV and then Spongebob knocked on his rock. Patrick opens his rock and gets

stabbed.I was shocked like i almost pissed my self.Then Spongebob went to The Krusty Krabs and he opens the door.

Mr.Krabs Screamed: SPOONNNGGGEEEBOB YOOOU'RE LAAATE - Spongebob pulled out the bloody knife and he ran to Mr.Krabs. Mr.Krabs ran in to the kitchen but it was no use. Spongebob kicked the door and stabbed Krabses heart out, real blood came out my screen but i keep watching the episode (what a shitty mistake i made). Mr.krabs said his final words: Spongebob you little shit, why. - Spongebob said: because fuck them. - i screamed: THEY DID NOTHING WROOONG!!!!!!. -Spongebob looked at me and said: You're next. - i was scared. Now i had nightmares of this. but i said to myself: it's not real. - then i heared: oh really?. - and i heard a laugh.