Has anyone know about the Spongebob Squarepants Lost Episode? We all know that Spongebob is a funny/witty cartoon character. And thinking that all Spongebob Characters cannot be scary is wrong. Actually, this episode of Spongebob can completely creeped out everyone! Please enjoy reading.

Spongebob Squarepants: The Red Mist Edit

A woman named "Sally" (not her real name) is really fond of Spongebob. She even bought all Spongebob stuffs. She filled her room with Spongebob things. One night, She and one of her friend brought a bunch of videotape collections of Spongebob. They watched it all night and have fun watching. There are 4 more tapes to go. They decided to go to sleep since it's now early in the morning. But suddenly, the fifth tape fall down the table. Sally picked it up and saw "Red Mist" written in Pentel Pen. The cover was torn and so the tape sticker. Sally was intrigued and eagerness entered her system. She encouraged her friend to watch that tape. Her friend agreed. They put in the tape and watch the show.

The scene starts with a title written in red: it says "RED MIST". The tape looks like old. Fine and Big lines come across the screen. The scene starts at Squidward's House. Nothing seems to be creepy. Squidward was playing his clarinet a really really foul noise. Outside, there were Spongebob and Patrick crying with big realistic eyes. The tape looks like more distorted. The scene is showing Squidward with negative self-esteem. He was playing clarinet. Then something flash the screen. It's like a frame that took 0.5 seconds.The rewind it and pause and they saw picture of dead children! It's really horrible. They continue playing the video to convence themselves that the children are still alive and ok. But as the episode goes, more horrific dead children show! 

Until now, they  still have nightmares about this video.