Both subjects were hunting in the Steinmen Woods for four hours before sundown.

The surviving subject states that while hunting both men grew uneasy as fog levels rapidly increased. A constant murmuring sound accompanied by a low hum eventually became apparent to the two men an hour after the fog had increased. An object falling out of tree stuck one of the men in the left shoulder causing him to discharge his weapon.

The object is said to be the body of a man of an unknown age. It was very precisely dissected, with major internal organs still contained within the rib cage in what looked to be clear bags. The surviving subject placed the organ bag within the backpack. Attacks followed several minutes later after a "low children's laugh like a giggle". The surviving subject ran until he reached his vehicle. The subject then drove to assumed safety.

Backpack destroyed. The subject is classified as a B7 witness. B7 witness to be placed in quarantine "Blind Box" until resolution.

2007: Investigation team is dispatched, they discovered twenty-two bodies of both genders and various ages impaled on broken tree branches in a radiating circular pattern with chest mutilation as often noted with Slender Man.

Upon confirmation, lead investigator ********* called for an immediate evacuation of investigation team at 1700 hours. Bodies first discovered at 1100 hours. Deadline for safe evacuation of team with only viewed physical evidence of Slender Man approximately 1730. Lost contact of team at 1725.

Safety procedures fell well within established protocols. Reason for abnormality is unknown. Second team recovered camera equipment one week later. Slender Man safety procedures require this incident's physical photographic evidence to be disposed of by no later than 10/20.