I know what's the sensation of getting a new toy, the joy of receiving something that will keep you hours and hours distracted from reality. Unfortunately, it kept me like that but in a terrible way.

My 14th birthday party was taking place at a pizza restaurant, my friends and me playing laser-tag, eating pizza and cake, all the joys of the world. My mother came saying that I got a special package that was in the front of my house (probably sent by my uncle Tom, he always sends me something). I opened it up and found something strange:

Inside the box I found a doll, not a plastic doll but a wooden doll. It was the creepiest doll I'd ever seen. It was just a bunch of sticks, tied together in a humanoid shape without a head. I was disappointed, wondering "why on earth would uncle Tom send me something like this"? But I didn't care. Returning home from the party I left the wooden doll inside the box on my desk and went to sleep.

I woke up at 4:00 AM to go for a glass of water. I couldn't help but notice that my box was empty, like if someone took the doll in a rush. I went to my parents' room to tell them, they weren't there. I got scared so I ran to the living room for the phone.

As soon as I switched the lights, I froze in horror. There were three tall figures sitting on the couch, all of them were sticks, tied like a humanoid figure, with the chopped head of my parents on the top. All of them sitting as in a family portrait. My father, my mother and my uncle Tom were there, three figures with their chopped off heads. I was terrorized when I saw the wooden stick man from my box in the middle of the room with a card. All it said was:

"HaPpy BirtHdAy LukE"

I turned around, and I saw a tall, thin creature with a bloody axe on one hand and sticks on the other.

As for my fate? Well, let's just say that now I have to STICK with it.