You know how bees collect honey, right? Well, some of them don't.

It was five years ago. I was a biologist, studying various species of animals for these two months I have been inspecting insects. The one insect that made me curious is the Apoidea, also known as the bee. I've studied all the species, but one cold day, in the dead of winter, I watched as a group of bees flew by as I took a picture of them and had the photo processed onto my laptop.

These bees weren't normal bees. They were grey and roughly the size of a computer mouse, so each group had like seven huge bees total. They also, oddly, had nails scattered through there bodies as if each of them had a full pack dropped on them. But what made me afraid of these bees were there stingers. They were knives- large as steaknives and dripping red.

I quietly followed a group of these chilling bees toward a field, until they reached an abandoned building. I opened the door and looked at the hive. That hive was made of sliced-up portions of human bodies.

Another group came by, dragging a body that looked like a little girl. She was dragging her doll behind her and they stacked the poor girl. She was still alive, only barely, but then one poised its long stinger and sliced her open. They pulled out the girl's guts and dragged them across the kitchen floor. They then took shelter in the poor girl's shell of skin, and a couple of the bodies were actual babies, but for some reason there seemed to be no females.

I sprinted out for my life and went to the nearest police department. They searched the place but there was nothing, not even a body, not a single bee to be found. The kitchen was clean a family eating dinner in confusion. There was furniture that wasn't there before. A boy was watching TV, his mouth agape, and a dog barking crazily at the police officers. The field was now a neighborhood.

I was arrested for telling a lie. I don't know what happened to the bees but that summer. All I know is that a man caught one dead bee, he said this: “It was as pale as paper.” The stinger had an indent of what used to be a handle for a butcher knife.