The thirteen researches spent hour on hour, looking up the antidote for cancer, so that they could stop it at the source. They couldn't use any subjects to test the antidote on because it was illegal.

However, a man who claimed 'he would do it for money' was hired by the researchers and they used him for the test. They did an surgical operation, where he was given cancer, so they could test the antidote on him.

On the first day, one researcher gave the man a sour tasting liquid. The man said it didn't help, but a few hours later, he was demanding more. He became very wary - he started to go insane. He demanded more, and more but the researchers didn't give it to him, until he had said he would leave the test. Wanting to complete the mission, so they immediately gave him some more, and he demanded even more. The researchers pleaded to him for him to stop, but he didn't. He kept on saying 'MORE! MORE!' until the researchers had no choice but to give him a beaker of the antidote and transfer him to a mental asylum.

They thought that did the trick, until he escaped. The researchers were mortified - to make matters even worse, one of the researchers would get a phone-call from an anonymous. All it said was, "You will die", then the caller would hang up, and there would be static. One of the researchers committed suicide, another was mysteriously killed, and another disappeared. This all was long after they conducted the test to cure cancer.

The researchers finally quit job, and still, each one got death threats every day. There was a mass of suicides, more people were getting killed, and they were normal people. The police had been searching for the man weekly, and many of them either disappeared, committed suicide, or was killed. Still, today, there is still an anonymous killer at large, and he won't stop until he's satisfied... _____________________________________________________________________________________

Credited to JACKED