The following is an excerpt from national newspaper:


Yesterday, the bodies of Yuri Krivonischenko and Yuri Doroshenko were found down by the woods 1.5 kilometers north of the a tent where nine previously missing hikers were found. These two bodies were found with major chest fractures, as if crippled by a high level of pressure. Astrologists' theory indicates that "The Ural Mountains have always been a magnet for astrological activity. It is possible that a meteorite hit, and if entering the Earth's atmosphere at over 728 miles per hour, a sonic boom would be triggered."

Additionally, in the early hours of this morning, a third body, identified as Ludmila Alexandrovna Dubinina, was found. Strangely, her body was declared "Tongueless".

A strange link between all three bodies was discovered; All of their clothes had a "brown tan". Logic explanations from scientists suggest that they may have been hit by a car,  but they had no eternal wounds, that they were opposing spies trying to set each other up. It has also could have been it could be that soldiers were testing nuclear weapons on the mountain.

However, there have been numerous sightings of "strange lights" and UFO's - It is also believed alien spacecraft could have landed.