You've heard of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, right? It was one of the worst movies of all time, according to my friends. I honestly don't get why they hate it, sure it could be more faithful to Super Mario, but it was still full of action. I picked up a copy a month ago from a drugstore in Queens
(yes, I know it's weird to find a DVD in a drugstore but I saw it on the shelf and decided to buy it). I brought it home, turned off the lights, grabbed some popcorn and awaited awesomeness.

The beginning of the movie was as normal, just as I remember it. I got up to the part where Mario meets Toad, but Mario just stood there. After waiting a few minutes, I assumed it was a dirty or scratched disk and I got up to turn it off, but I stepped on my NES controller by accident. Mario moved backwards after I did so. I tried moving it around, and then I wondered, was I...playing as this Mario? I was confused, this isn't a game, and the characters looked completely real, but I wandered around. The A and B buttons did nothing, so I walked around into the subway station.

Downstairs, I saw Daisy, chained to a wall with wires attacked to her. She told Mario there was something that could release the chains. After finding a switch, I tried pressing A and I flipped it, hoping it could free her, but suddenly a wave of electricity shot through and after a few seconds she looked nearly identical to Lena's skeletal body. Then Luigi came down and screamed at Mario, "YOU TRAITOR!" This was some kind of battle, and A allowed me to throw a punch. After I punched Luigi enough, blood came out of his mouth, and he fell to the floor. He then said that he would never forgive Mario, and it looked like he died. Mario sat there, crying, but soon got up and the movie continued on, with Mario beating Koopa without Luigi. The thing that really bugged me was that at the end, the movie title showed up as: