I Was A Fan Of Super Smash Bros. Somehow I Found A Copy Of Super Smash Bros Ultimate,

I Picked It Up And Putted It In My Switch, It Showed The Normal Intro With The Song Lifelight,

I Skipped The Intro And Started Playing It, I Started With My Main Luigi,

It Showed A Friend I Played Brawl With Before Ultimate Was Released,

Her Name Was Sarah, Her Main Was Kirby,

The Battle Started In Final Destination,

But Something Seems Odd With Our Mains, Luigi Had Lifeless Like Eyes From Simon's Reveal Trailer,

He Was Crying Blood, Kirby Had Black Eyes And Red Pupils, Blood Was Everywhere,

I Tryed To Move Luigi, But He Didn't Move, He Just Stood Here,

Kirby Grabbed His Hammer Expect It Has Blood On It,

He Then Hitted Luigi With It,

Luigi's Death Animation Was From The Stamina Battle,

"GAME!" Said The Announcer,

Then It Showed Kirby Staring At Me,

Then The Screen Turned Black, It Showed Luigi Expect He Still Had Lifeless Like Eyes From Simon's Reveal Trailer And Blood Was Still Coming Out Them,

"I'M SORRY... I FAILED YOU... I'M USELESS... I MUST KILL MYSELF TO PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY..." Then It Showed Luigi Stabbing Himself Then He Was Dead,

The Switch Turned Off,

I Never Looked At Luigi The Same Way Again...

So, For Everyone, If You Find A Strange Copy Of SSBU, Don't Pick It Up! Instead, Sell It On eBay, That's What I've Should've Done Before Taking A Look At It!