The user Minecraft story made this story on blog, so I am going to port it so it can be a real page.

ok so i was playing minecraft with my pet dog, and then everything was blood. i pooped my pant and ran outsid andg relizedd i was in minecraft real life. my dog was a wlf and bite me my leg off and me cry. then a i could only see 676 in the sky and i was crying. then i was teleparted to me room and i saw herobrine i was sad. then howard the leprocon came out

of no ware and shot herobrine. i killed howard the leprocon and then he cried. then i started to play minecraft roblox and then scp bad boy killed me. i told me my mom and she did done banned scp bad boys account then me happy.

but then roblox gohst ate my family and i ate my self to stop herobrine and scp bad boy and howard the leprocon. it was scary. then 676 came out of no ware from my closet and then said "u is trash at minecraftgh" it was sad and i had to take 23 hours of theraopy for the rest of my life.

the end.