You wake up one day and do your usual habit in your boring yellow house. Some of which include a few hours of showering, eating, surfing the web, and watching TV, where you learn about news of a missing salesman and an insane butcher on the loose. After watching the news, you prepared your brown business suit and step outside. You pass your memorized route and landmarks, some of which include your old childhood home, which was sold to a bright and happy couple for a few thousand bucks. After passing a few bus stops, you find the one you were accustomed to. "Bus 58," you muttered under your breath.

Once the bus comes, you go to the back seat. In the back seat, you sit beside two female teenagers doing their math homework. You remembered how easy math was for you when your were in your youth days. After a couple of minutes, the bus stops at Hemmingway Boulevard. You leave the bus and walk into the store where you always buy your snacks and lunch. Something seemed odd about his features, but you dismissed it and look at your snacks. On one of the snacks you bought, it had a hastily written note: "surprise inside." You stop for a while and sit on a bench near the store.

Behind you, the store salesman was grinning ear-to-ear as you opened the snack which had the note. The smell of chocolate rushed to your nostrils as you swiftly opened the chocolate bar. Once it was opened, something in it had you frozen in terror.

Contained inside was a decomposing finger.