I remember once I was playing my tablet (kendle fire) I started playing temple run  it started glitching and changing colors i said "whatevz" i  putted the song look at me now but insead of the song it said "ssstttoooopppp pllllaaaayyyyyin mmmmmmeeeeee" i was like what the... i didnt care then i got bored trying to beat the world record i played SIMS my character came out with blood all over her.. i tought it . was just me i showed my little bro he said "whats that? blood or somthing or a joke?" i left. as i was playing sims every minute it changed and glitched then i remember i searched this doll named Anne the hunted doll and the message of small world backwards xp too much for me i think i hardly slept i kept on watching tv then suddenly this face pop out looks like bloody mary i went running to the other room i took a deep breath and i looked at the side and i saw a classic dolls faceci screamed but didnt actly shouted i said "WHAT THE HELL!!!" i went lay down again then suddenly i started to hear small world backwards  i stared to sing along then i imangen i was on the ride every thing i was reading/listening about that ride came out i was on that ride the dolls missing body parts holding guns gernades and more THE dolls started changing the song "SMALL WORLD" it started singing "war is better... walt is gone... walt forever asleep" i started to feel somone touching me i looked it looked like the doll from small world i kicked it said "hey stop i just wanted the 3ds god" i said "oh its just you i tought you were sumthing else..." i turned on the 3ds it started saying in a ghoustly manly voice "dddoooonnnnnttt dddoooinnnttt p p p l a y meeeeee plllleeeeaaassse" i turned it off  i tought of somthing postive like if i was in my own story ... i started to play sonic the hedgehog episode ll sonic kept on sarring at me i looked away i heard another voice but this time it was children laughing and giggling then a minute later it was children crying saying help. the next day i didnt say a word like if it was a dream i had a feeling i wanted to play mario or sonic.. so i got my ds i hoped that it didnt happen again and it didnt so i played mighty switch force the levels seemed different  to me i dont know why ... i started to feel a faint then i fainted my mom screamed like no tomorrow...


FURBEARINGBRICK'S NOTE: This was an untitled pasta that was originally on XxChA0sH3r0xX's Talk page.