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There once was a little Mexican restaurant down along a beach, in southeastern-Florida, back in 1955. It had a painted-sign up, above the doors, on the restaurant that read, "MEXICAN PALACE".  A young teenage girl and boy, were seated at a booth inside it one cloudy-afternoon.  A mexican-waiter came over to their booth.  "Hola amigos, welcome to Mexican Palace, what dish can I get for you?" said to them, asking.  "Thank you sir, my girlfriend will have the Taco Supreme and I will have the Chicken Enchilada please!" the teenage boy replied, smiling at the mexican-waiter.  "An excellent choice amigos, how about some lemonade?" he added and asked, as he wrote their orders down on a tablet of papert with a pen.  "Sure please, thanks!" they replied.  Ten minutes later, the teenage boy and his girlfriend, dined on a Chicken Enchilada and a Taco Supreme, with rice, beans, sour cream, tomatoes and guacamole.  The teenage girl noticed a creepy-painting hanging up, on the wall, behind her boyfriend.  "Tommy, look at the painting behind you, it's creepy I think!" she told him.  Tommy glanced around up, at the painting.  It depicted a mexican man in front of a red-painted background.  The man had black hair and a black mustache too.  He wore a white, collared-shirt. He slightly smiled, but the creepy thing was, that his eyes were glowing-white.  "Whoa, what kind of a painting is that, Rhonda?" Tommy asked her.  "Who knows Tommy!" Rhonda replied, still scared,  Tommy and Rhonda finished their glasses of lemonade.  The mexican-waiter walked over to them.  "Excuse me sir, where did that painting come from?" Tommy asked him.  "Oh, that is known in this restaurant here, as The Haunted Mexican Painting, of a ghost!  We found it six months ago, right out, in front here, when we first opened the restaurant up.  It was wrapped up in a brown package sent here from Mexico, amigo!" the mexican waiter replied.  After he walked away from the booth, Tommy took out ten dollars from his wallet and sat it down on the table.  "There I payed and added a tip too, that painting creeps me out, come on Rhonda let's go!" Tommy told her.  But as they both stood up to leave, they looked up, at The Haunted Mexican Painting, and the creepy, ghost of the mexican-man with the glowing-white eyes spoke to them, as creepy, clanging-sounds were heard coming from the painting, "have a nice day amigos, please come again!"