One night me and my cousin Jordan were going to sleep and I saw something and said, “Holy crap did you see that!?” She said “No do you know what it was, I said “No but it looked like a wolf, you know what forget about it and I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and checked on my dog and I saw she was dead I cried and then I saw she had scratches all on her neck and I showed Jordan and she screamed because she saw the figure I saw the night before. I forgot about it and took a shower then I realized I had scratches on my chest down to my waist .I showed Jordan she said “Dang bro are you okay “I said “Yes but how did that happen?

That night Jordan and I made up something and called it “THE WATCH.” It’s called “THE WATCH “to see if we saw that figure again. Jordan ended up falling asleep on my shoulder I put a blanket on her and took the other dog Jake outside. He started barking at something I said “Go get it boy” and he ran I heard squeals and went after him then I saw it, it was stalking me, it looked all black and had red eyes I saw blood dripping from its teeth. Jordan woke up and she saw it and screamed I said, Get the gun.” it was, a 10 gauge, she handed it to me and she got attacked when she ran I screamed “No!” Then I realized it didn’t attack me then snapped out of it and shoot the creature in the head. The cops’ came. I told them the story. The cop told me “Son if you didn’t tell her to get the gun you would be dead, also son Jordan didn’t make it I’m sorry for your loss, I cried. Then played the whole story back in my head then realized there was no creature it was me. The figure was just a stray dog. Also it was me who cut myself and I looked around in a leaf pile and I saw a knife with blood on it . Template:By