It was a rainy day, it had already been a long day at work, I needed something to brighten up my day. I got home and saw a present next to the TV. It was wrapped in gold paper with black bow, and it had a tag saying:

"I know you've had a long day, so have this as a gift to shed some light to your life"

I had no idea who or what gave me this, so I ripped the wrapping off... It was a rather colorful looking game called Sonic R. I myself wasn't a huge Sonic fan but it did look like it would give something fun to do on one rainy day. I popped the disk in and was greeted to a catchy song and a colorful title screen. My mood was already starting to change.

I selected single player and went on to choose a character. I played as Knuckles as he is my second favourite Sonic character. I completed track 1 and collected all the hidden coins, and next I was greeted to a challenger. It was a Tails look-alike doll simply known as Tails Doll. He obviously looked weird but kinda cute, and he was a really slow character so I was able to beat him easily. After that, a screen stating "Next Challenge" I went onto a tag race. (You guys get the drill.)

I tagged Super Sonic last and was then greeted to another challenge. I was Super Sonic against Tails Doll. The screen began to flicker throughout the race making it hard to see, but I eventually went passed the finish line, I was greeted to my last challenge.

I was Tails and was against Tails Doll, and suddenly Tails Doll started to go at incredible speed so he easily won. Again, the screen was flickering until the system turned off completely. Then suddenly my house caught on fire... I managed to escape but I could have sworn I heard the words:

"Can You Feel The Sunshine?"