I was on minecraft on a clear sunny day i was having fun with my friends. As i was mining a thought struck me. I remembered another game. It was tanki online a old game i hadn't played for ages. I decided to login my old acc on tanki. I went to my garage to customize myself until i noticed. There was nothing in my garage. I was shocked at first but then i knew it must of been a glitch or because i hadn't played it in ages. I decided to head on to battles and scrolled down until i noticed something. It was a map called DTM. I wondered what this map was so in curiousity i entered the map. I also invited my friends to the map. But for some odd reason people died for no reason on the game. It said someone had killed me. But who killed me i wondered. At that faint second the screen distorted into a bloody color and a shadow like tank appeared infront of me. It had the word blood on it. My tank had fell and the dark tank had blood dripping down and when the tank shot me i was out of the game. Half of my desktop stuff was deleted. I emailed the tanki admins asking them if they had saw it but they said "Do not speak about that moment ok?". I wondered why they had said that. I emailed them asking over and over until i got a response they told me "The map you went to is not on our list" i went to battles and saw another map. What really scared me was the map. It was named Blood. I loaded the map but the loading bar was red. And froze for a split second. And the map was falling apart and blood was squirting from the dark tank but this time. I couldn't escape and leave. I left got a hammer and smashed my computer. I got a new computer and swore i would never enter the map again. The next day when i went to school everyone was acting strange. Everyone in my class including teachers were a little more nastier. My friend was acting angry to. When it was dinner time i was eating and im sure i heard someone whisper "Blood...Blood..Blood" i ran out of the room i knew what was wrong. Of course it was that map i entered the blood map. It haunted me until i noticed the next day one of my friends died from it. The marks were blood. I screamed hoping to never see it again. After this moment i never ever play weird maps again.