I was ecstatic, I mean, who wouldn't be? A nice, nearly new, 1995 Mustang Gt for around 300 dollars in a used car lot in a small— in a almost remote— area, I couldn't believe my luck! There was something... Something wrong with it. I really just couldn't put my finger on it, though. Suddenly, a salesman appeared out of almost nowhere, I nearly screamed when I saw him. He had on a slightly torn bright green plaid coat with small blackish-brown stains on it. I disregarded it out of excitement, and asked if I could test drive it before I bought it. He said yes in a very high-pitched, excited yelp, and we went off. The car drove smoothly for an almost twenty-year-old car, and the shocks were almost new, but there was a slight thud in the trunk every now and then.

"Stop the car here," said the man. We were now in a very dense, thick, wooden area, and I was slightly unnerved about his tone. I was still curious of what was in the trunk, so I walked back. The man was staring at me while I checked, and his eyes were almost bulging from his head when he looked at me, I was now genuinely scared, and I slowly opened the trunk. It opened with general ease, and what was inside shocked me. A mangled, bloody, almost completely mutilated corpse with all of the limbs missing and scattered about the trunk.

I turned and tried to run, but the man was right behind me when I turned, and he was holding a large, bloodied knife and a shovel.

Now, his voice was raspy, and in his voice he said "Help me bury it, or join it." I was hesitant, but I helped because I didn't want to die in this way. As we were finishing burying the corpse, he said " I don't trust you to keep your mouth shut." He lunged at me, and before I knew it, I woke up in a small, dimly-lit room with a small table with knives and syringes with different chemicals in them. I tried to move, but I was bound to the wall with straps. "Don't try anything, or else," he said in a sadistic voice. He proceeded to pick up a knife and cut at my legs. The pain was unbearable, and I passed out. Please help, I'm still down here. Please help.