The best gift ever started as Lynx,Core,and Liliy were playing ring around the rosie. They all met at pre school,soon they became friends. All three of them were 13,they loved to play games still. The games they mostly liked to play were ring around the rosie,hide and seek,and to play hide and seek alone. But it was winter the snow covered ground was cold,but to them it was fun. Of corse they didn't know what they wanted for Christmas but as long as they got each other their happy. But what Liliy and Core don't know is that their friend Lynx was alone for Christmas. One day the three friends wen't out side to play,but Lynx never showed up. Where's Lynx?Liliy asked Core. Core looked around for a moment "I don't know"Core said,"Maybe we should look for her." "Yeah,let's go look for her."Liliy said. They looked every where for there friend,but they didn't look in the dark creepy woods. Soon the both of them heared a loud scream. The scream sounded like Lynx,but it was in Pine Tree Woods. The place they were not suppost to go. Their parents would never take them their,news reports about the area were always about Pine Tree Woods. Like about Sara Rose they had founded her body by the river bank,she had stab woms in her chest. But they knew they couldn't go to those woods,they would ether get murded or stay away from those woods.

2 weeks later after their friend's death,it was Christmas. Their was two gifts for Liliy and Core the gift had a tag but it didn't say who it was from. As soon as they opened the gift,their was their friends chopped up body. They both screamed and dropped the present and ran to PIne Tree Woods. Their parents were looking for their children,but before they even wen't home they heared their kids cryful scream. To this day the woods are haunted by the errie monster,who had killed thoses kids. But the person who did that was Mr.Rose.

Credit to Mephilesbestbuddys