This is, kind of a Creepypasta but also a dream that I had, not too long ago. And it still haunts me. That is why I have decided to share my story here, on the internet. I told my friends about it, but they kept changing the story making it sound funny. That helped a bit but... Well, here goes...

The ButcherEdit

It all starts with me, arriving at my house late in the evening. All was quiet, surprising because my wife, baby, and dog were all in the house. I place my brief case on the floor and wonder in, closing the glass doors behind me.

The first room I walk into is my office. Black, pitch black. How? Why? I flicked the light on and lying on the floor, was my dog, a white great dane. But something was wrong. I checked his face and his eyes. Oh god, his eyes! They were sewn up. The same could be said for his mouth.

In a state of panic I ran up stairs to the bedroom, only to find my wife laying still on the bed. Rushing to her side to check her pulse (gasp)... nothing. She was long gone. Her eyes and mouth had been sewn up as well, her arms had been removed at the elbow and were laying next to her. The tears were welling in my eyes... But wait... The baby!

Running back down stairs to find an empty crib. Where could he be? I head back into the hallway and see through the corner of my eye, a large man, with his eyes and mouth sewn up, standing outside the glass doors. He smiles, lifting his left hand to reveal my baby boy. Dead. But with only his eyes sewn together. I soon found out why.

This thing. The personification of evil before me. Started moving my child's mouth and speaking through it, like some demented puppeteer. He was taunting me. Making my child seem alive. "Help me, daddy" that's what I heard. I then proceeded to pick up a near by hammer and throw it through the door hitting that creep on the head and killing him instantly.

My neighbours had called the police after hearing the ruckus next door. When they arrived they found a man cuddling a dead child, next to a dead man, with a dead woman upstairs all with sewn up eyes and mouths. They proceeded to arrest me on three accounts of murder and one account of animal abuse.

They called me the Butcher. But only I know the truth. That man was the real butcher and I was punished for enacting my deserved revenge. Template:Sort