File:The Candyman.png

Come now, children, come with me,
Oh what fun there is to see.
I have sweets and toys and things,
Soldiers that march and birds that sing.

Don’t run scared, don’t go hide,
Join my joyful, crowded tide.
With a swing of my cane and a turn of my hat,
We’ll go into my shop just like that.

The doors open, in you go,
But little do you creatures know,
I don’t plan to let you leave,
Your young, sweet eyes I have deceived.

Eat my candy, eat galore!
Feast until you can no more!
Play with my toys, have some fun,
For I’ll be laughing when it’s done.

When you’re all passed out on the ground,
I’ll take your bodies, safe and sound.
Placing your sleeping heads aside,
I will take you on a ride.

One by one, in the vat,
Of candied liquid just like that;
Your skin will flake and boil and ooze,
It’s too late, dear kids, you lose.

Now delicious, hard, and sweet,
You will be so fun to eat!
Crush you up and spin you round,
Grind at you until you’re ground.

Now I spin you in the mix,
So others will get their candy fix,
Other children, just like you,
Will come to me, slew by slew.

None of you can warn them now,
In my candy bowl you've drowned,
All the kids in all the lands,
Will know of me, the candyman.