A few miles away from the town called Dreadsburg was a old house. A twenty year old man had decided to buy the old, run down house, fix it up, and live there. One day while he was driving home from the store in Dreadsburg he saw a teenager sitting against a lamppost. "Whats a teenager doing out here at night?" He wondered. The teenager was wearing a blue jacket, black jeans, and had bandages on both his arms and his left leg. The teenagers hood was up, so the man couldn't see the teenagers face. He pulled over to see if the teenager was hurt.

As he approached he noticed the only movement the teenager was making was he was twitching every few seconds. "Are you alright?" The man asked the teenager in a slightly worried tone. The teenager slowly stood up but kept looking down. As the teenager looked up at the man, the wind blew off his hood. The teenager gave the man a sickly grin and pulled out four cards, all Jokers. "Choose a card!" The teenager said. By now, the man was greatly confused, so he chose the card on the far left. He turned the card over and read it scrawled, barely legible pen, "Wrong one." The man slowly looked up to see the teenager had pulled something else out of his pocket. The man squinted and suddenly realized the teenager had a butcher knife.

The teenager began to laugh like a maniac and swung at the man, barely missing. The man ran to his car and drove home as fast as possible. As soon as he got home he called the police and told them everything that just happened. The police said the man should see a doctor, so the man made a appointment for the next day. After the appointment the man assumed it was just a hallucination. Later, at night, the man couldn't sleep. At about midnight he went to get a drink from his kitchen. As he poured the water he heard the familiar creaking of someone coming downstairs. "It's just my head!" he thought as he drank the water. When he was finished, he started towards the doorway, but saw something blocking the way. He turned on the light and saw the teenager, butcher knife in one hand, lighter the other. A few weeks later there was reports of the house being burned down, and the man was missing. It is still a mystery to this day what happened to that man.