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In 1900, up, in New England, there was a small cottage, out, in the woods, a young boy was drawing on the wall of a small room, that was lit by a lantern on the floor, with a white piece of chalk.  He drew an outline of a six-foot tall man, with crab-claws for hands.  After he was finished, the outline began to shine and glow.  The lit-lantern went out and the boy saw the man with crab-claws for hands, walk right out of the wall where he drew the outline.  The man had white-glowing flesh in the darkness of the room, and no face and no hair.  He was dressed in a black cloak.  "I am the Clay Man little one.  An alien from another world!" the man whispered to the boy.  The creature put one of his crab-claw-like hands on the boy's shoulder.  "Let's have some fun little one" the Clay Man told him, in a whisper.  The boy grinned and replied to the alien, "alright! I am Johnny, please to meet you!".  

The Clay Man removed a golden-medallion on a silver-chain from its cloak-pocket.  The Clay Man swung it back and forth before the boy. as he watched it.  Then, a puff of magical-yellow-smoke appered and a three-feet tall yellow-colored-clay-doll of a boy stood in front of the boy, when the magical-yellow-smoke cleared and disappeared.  "This little clay-doll is for you from me, little boy!" the alien said to him.  "Thank you!" the boy replied, picking it up.  "Now, go to bed little boy and we shall play together tomorrow night" the alien told him.  The alien's flesh stopped glowing and it was darker in the room.  Then, the Clay Man's eyes appeared...and they were glowing-white in the darkness.  The creature's flesh shined again and it turned around and walked back through the wall and the outline, disappearing.