There are legends of something that lurks through the night, striking fear through all. He hunts all. He hunts all. He. Hunts. All. A wolf who devours souls and vanishes with the wind. He. Is. The Cursed One.


First off, your gonna need to know what this looks like. Well then, first off, the creature is roughly 7 feet tall, covered in mangled fur, and looks like a wolf and a bear made love and this was their baby. It has glowing blue eyes, a roar like nothing in nature, a putrid odor, skunk spray, rotten foods, and armpits. Try running from that. It also has dark fur and cuts all over it, from those who fought it but were devoured. It can run at cheetah speeds, and is hungry for all.


Now, it's time to hear the story. Late summer of 1956, a family is out on vacation. The youngest one, 8-year old Eric, dropped his toy truck outside of the camp. He goes out to pick it up, when he hears a growl. He looks towards some bushes and sees a pair of blue eyes. He runs back into his tent, hoping he would be safe. He also wakes up his dad, who brought along his shotgun. Then a conversation decides to spark.

"Why'd you wake me up?"

"There's something outside!"

"What is it?"

"I don't know!"

"Must be some wolves."

The dad gets up and grabs his shotgun. Walking outside was the worst idea ever. He quickly shoots the beast, but misses, and The Cursed One devours him. Eric, bravely goes outside, grabs the shotgun, pumps it, and... BOOM! Direct hit! The creature is injured, as everyone in camp walks outside. The creature vanishes into thin air, leaving the boy, shotgun, and his dad's remains.

"ERIC! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" shouts his mother.

"I didn't do it!" he cries back.

His mother still doesn't believe. She grabs his arm, throws him into the car, and drives to the police station. The remains of the dad are analyzed. A month later, Eric is released from juvee, and the DNA scans only show human fingerprints and unidentified animal fur. This sparked a theory around town. What was this beast? What is it capable of doing? They didn't know. But, Eric did.