It all began with a young girl named Alicia. She a was seven year old child with a cuddly attitude. Her hair was blonde as the sunlight and her eyes were golden like amber. She had an adorable habit of always hugging everyone she sees, hence her nickname, "Huggles." Her parents looked upon her with pride and cuddled her back at every single time. Alicia might have no friends at all, but she doesn’t care. As long as she has someone to hug, she is happy.

One day, some agents of the Government broke into her house. They had heartlessly killed the girl’s parents before her very childish eyes, before blindfolding her and throwing her into their van. The ride seemed an eternity, and Alicia felt the sensation of fear for the very first time. Finally, she was grabbed back, carried and thrown into a chair. She couldn’t move as anxiety paralysed her every muscles. She was strapped on and, suddenly, she felt a needle stabbing through her shoulder. She uttered a screech so loud, she deafened herself on the shock.

Suddenly, blackout.

When she woke back up, she was in a back alley. Being the happy-go-lucky girl she always was, she waddled around to find her way. On the road, she found a woman who looked exactly like her mother. Like she would always do, she hugged the woman. The clench of her tiny arms was enough to squish and cut the woman in half. Alicia looked at the blood and guts on her hands, then shook it off. The woman was too frail to be her mother anyway.

Ever since, she goes hugging everyone she meets to their doom without the slightest remorse. The police have tried many times to arrest her, only to lose their utmost elite agents. Template:By