No Credit To MeEdit

No credit to me! I don't know if anybody came up with the story, but my friend Izabela (you've probably read about her before in my stories) told it to our "group."

Brenda MovesEdit

Brenda moved into a new house. At the back of the house, there was one room her brother Ted chose to have. The next morning, Ted wasn't at breakfast. "Where's Ted?" Brenda asked.

"Who's Ted?" her sister Tanya asked.

Now, Ted's room was Tanya's room. The next morning, when Brenda went down to breakfast, she asked, "What happened to Tanya?"

"Tanya?" her mother replied.

"Brenda, you've always been an only child," Brenda's dad answered.

"Not funny!" Brenda exclaimed. Now, Ted's and Tanya's ex-room was her parents' room.

The next morning, Brenda went to the room and started crying. She disappeared into thin air. Template:Sort