I screamed, I couldn't move. Is this the end?

It was a cold Sunday evening, I was sitting in my room talking to my friend. I was home alone. My parents left for a holiday for themselves, and I'm watching my little sister. I hang up on my friend and turned on the TV. But then I heard something. Maja, my sister.

She was crying, I walked closer to her room and I heard a scream. It was hers, I ran to her room and I swiftly opened the door. She was just laying there sleeping, so I closed the door. As soon as I turned around, I saw something. It was a man who had no face. I screamed at the creature. He opened my mouth and he tried to cut off my tongue. He opened a mouth that it didn't look like he had. He had a long tongue and a lot of sharp teeth, but then I just fell asleep.. I woke up in my bed, I felt good. It was probably a dream.

I walked out my room, into my sisters room. She sat in her crib, wide awake. Her face was cold. I tried to carry her but she started crying. She shouted "Scary man scary man", and I put her down. Was it more than a dream? I got chills just thinking about it. I opened her crib and let her out. She was scared. Later that same night, I begged my mom to come home, But it was too late..

I heard something outside my window. When I looked, my eyes were greeted with that same man with no face, staring at me. I screamed and tried to run. He got through the window, and he was moving slowly. His body twitched. I ran into my sisters room to find she was dead. I started screaming as I looked at the bloody corpse, and her organs were ripped out. I had a urge to puke, but I hid in the closet. I heard the creature outside walking around. I thought I was safe, but the closet door flung open. And he took one of his long nails and stabbed me in the forehead, slowly. Slowly...

It felt as sharp as a knife, and as if it went through half of my head. I screamed, and cried. I felt that my body fell to the floor, But I never died. .

"A young girl has gone Missing in New York City. Her sister was found lifeless with her organs ripped out. The police are still looking for the murderer" Template:Sort