He ran. He ran away from the pursuer relentlessly chasing through the city streets, unseen by the people around him. His neck sweating and hands cold, he dared not turn his head, for fear of the many long flesh coils choking him and taking him to wherever they reside. He turned into an alley, and darted behind a broken section of brick wall. A sigh of relief escaping his lips, he turned his head down to think about his situation.

After catching his breath and waiting for a few moments, he looked outside. She was gone. Silently and stealthily, he walked out and turned to walk away. Before his eyes, a lovely woman, the one who had been chasing him. He had no time to run and the fleshy mass of coiling appendages wrapped around his waist and lifted him into the air, leaving him gasping slightly.

She smiled coyly at him, the beautiful teeth belying the evil she had hidden in her. One of the tentacles, a thinner one, had emerged from her back, and made its way to her face. She kissed it, before it lashed out, slicing through the man’s shirt. He screamed in agony, begging to be let down, to which the woman shook her head in reply.

He pleaded, but she would be having none of that. The flesh-colored pole muffled him as others roamed his body, a liquid melting his shirt, jeans and burning his skin. Her grin grew wider as he tried to escape, biting and squirming. Soon, his chest and legs were bare and he smelled of fluorine due to the liquid.

Soon, the fleshy poles leaked a bright green fluid, as they tugged at his arms and legs. It was sticky, like the strongest Velcro as they scratched his wrists and ankles. Slowly, his ligaments came undone, but he did not scream, for the fluid was also numbing the pain.

Some time later he has found, limbs removed and his jaw red with pressure. He could no longer speak. However, he was crawling slightly, with what looked like, experts say, pink, fleshy tentacles…Template:Sort