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"The forest has eyes... And it watches us all..." These words keep repeating themselves in Mike's head over and over. A few days ago, he found these words written on a piece of paper by a tree in his backyard. He had no idea of how it got there, or what it meant. Mike thought about this strange note over and over then, he realized it. There was a forest not to far from his house where an old cabin was.

He decided to go there and look for any clues of where this note came from. Then, as he was walking to his basement to gather supplies, he felt like he was being watched. He dismissed the feeling and continued downstairs. As he flicked the light switch, what he saw terrified him... Multiple pictures of the cabin and mangled bodies hung from his basement ceiling, suspended by string. How they got there wasn't as much of a question as to who would do this?

Mike couldn't stay down there any longer or he'd vomit. He dashed upstairs quickly and ran to his truck. He just wanted this to end. He drove to the forest and parked. A thick fog blanketed the ground and the trees stretched to great lengths. Multiple veins and tree limbs swirled around like stretching tendrils waiting to grab him and pull him into the dark... He didn't let the scenery get the best of him. Mike walked into the forest with extreme caution. The leaves and twigs began to crunch under his feet like cracking bones.

He continued on until he saw the cabin. Run down and ambient, it sat there as a creepy relic in the middle of the fog. Many lawn decorations sat in front of the house including a garden gnome covered in dirt and missing an eye... Despite his sudden fear, he went inside. The door creaked slowly as it opened, the inside of the house was scattered with broken furniture, open and closed cabinets, and dirt and debris. The cabin reeked with the stench of rotting corpses. Mike had to cover his nose to prevent from puking.  

As he neared the bedroom, the stench got worse. When he opened the bedroom door what he saw, disgusted and terrified him. A rotting corpse in a body bag on the bed, surrounded by pictures of mangled bodies. And on the wall were the words,

"The Forest Has Eyes... And It Watches Us All..."

Mike turned to leave but the door was locked. The wardrobe behind him slowly opened and the last words Mike heard were,

"The forest has eyes... And it sees you..." Template:Sort