Hello, my name is Richard Parker; it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. As you may have heard, a young girl went missing in the splendid suburban area of Carrington (on the outskirts of Nottinghamshire). Local news stations released images of the girl on their broadcasts to give the public the ability to identify the girl if they see her. There were no real key features making the girl easy to identify. I was the detective heading up the investigation, and what I found shook me internally more than in any other investigation I had lead prior...

I was issued a warrant to search the establishment in which the girl went missing. The two residents in the establishment were the girl herself and her single mother, Fiona (who at the time was a probable suspect for her daughter's disappearance). Fiona's missing daughter was training to become a surgeon and had what Fiona declared an indescribable passion for it. The small family of two prospered in their close relationship, they even shared a room due to finance problems which in turn only brought them closer together.

Upon entering the house I swiftly greeted Fiona and took advantage of her jittery and feeble state and easily persuaded her to let me take a look around the compact house. I saw nothing strange or out of place so I proceeded to go to Fiona and her daughter's bedroom. As I walked towards the bedroom door I was stopped in my footsteps by Fiona, she insisted that I not go into the bedroom as it was very special to her and her daughter, and she didn't want some dim-witted, arrogant detective messing up the one thing she had tried so hard to preserve. The sudden outburst of rage was unexpected but not unheard of from a woman in that kind of mental state. I persevered, insisting in the opposite direction until she gave in and allowed me to investigate the room. What I then saw will haunt my memories for the rest of my days. I saw the girl's trainee surgical kit resting on the bedside table open, exposing the full kit except the scalpel. As I looked to my right I could see a dark red blood trail leading straight under their bed. As my stomach churned I stuck my hand under the bed only to feel the decomposing flesh of what only could be a human. I vomited on the already blood stained patch of carpet next to me. I reluctantly dragged out the body only to crouch there in absolute horror staring blankly at the faceless body of Fiona, accompanied by the missing girl's scalpel. I ran out of the bedroom only to find Fiona's face lying in the hallway where I was first greeted. We never did find that missing girl.