The StoryEdit

It was a seemingly Normal March 1st at about 1 A.m, I was watching YouTube on phone. My brother was gone that night, at his friend Tristan's House. While I opened up a Video, my phones YouTube lagged and had to stop. This happened commonly, so I started playing Temple Run, but when I got to about 140,000 points, something caught my eye.

It seemed to be a figure with something in its hand, I froze. With my eyes closed, I could hear footsteps, as if something was walking away. I opened my eyes, and the figure was gone. I decided it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, so i continued my Temple run game losing at about 340,000 points. After that, I went to my YouTube channel and saw a new video. "What the heck?" I said, seeing the video.  

The video depicted my room, dark, with no lights on. In the video was the same figure i saw earlier, in the same place. Thanks to the detailed video, however, I saw the figure. I'm guessing it was a bearded man, holding a handsaw.

I ran to the bathroom and turned on the light, being sure to lock the door. I then heard a rumbling sound.

"IT'S HIM!" I exclaimed grabbing my cat's litter box and placing it in front of the door.

I also placed the trash can in front of the door, in hopes to keep whatever was in there out. I stated climbing out the window and somehow the man had already gotten in. As soon as I began to make a jump for it, he grabbed me.

Then... I woke up... I got on my phone, opened up my channel on YouTube, and Saw a video showing my room, with the man in the background...

Alternate endingEdit

Going back to when I tried to make my escape, I managed to hit him in the face somehow, making him drop the handsaw on his foot, he screamed while I ran down the stairs, crying in fear.

I ran to my friend's house, wearing only my pajama bottoms. I repeatedly rang the doorbell until the door was finally opened to reveal the psychotic man. It soon dawned on me that this was my friend's father... Who he said had recently escaped prison... who just happened to have a beard...

...And loved Handsaws.Template:Sort