Direct paste from the Creepypasta Wiki. Fail Pasta credit to TheLuckyPastry

It was a normal day at the inside gaming office, Adam and Bruce were about to do an inside gaming daily video when suddenly Bruce threw up on spools in the corner, spools being high at the time thought hot lava was being poured down his face, spools quickly got out a gun under his desk and shot Adam in the head, Adam somehow survived the shot and picked up spools and threw him out the window. Spools was dead. Bruce still vomiting, threw up on James's psychonauts disk. James was enraged by this. He pinned the still vomiting Bruce to the floor and repeatedly punched Bruce till he died. Then out of nowhere Adam shot James in the head, killing him instantly. Then Lawrence came in the room, Adam pointed his gun at him. "Please don't do this!" Said Lawrence. Adam then said "Pedicabo ego vos" then shot Lawrence in the head. Adam then muttered "Gallo et matre spiritus commy fututor" before shooting himself. The next day the cops arrived and found child pornography on spools computer.