We are the only creatures on earth that hurt each other for fun, and personal gain. Other animals fight for survival, and to become pack leaders. We torture, we kill, we emotionally scar… for survival? No. For leadership? No. Why do we ruin someone else’s life willingly? Because it’s so damn fun.

I capture a mother and child, a son is preferred. They don’t see me, until it’s too late. The kids can’t be too young, about 10-14 is good. They need to be able to remember what I have done, and feel the gravity of the situation. I want them to be broken human beings, for the rest of their existence. But they can’t be too strong, emotionally or physically. They need to feel helpless.

I keep the kid tied up, in a chair, unable to move their arms, their legs… their heads. I am relentless to their mother, I bash their face so badly you don’t recognize them, I burn them, electrocute them, stab them, hit them… then, I will give them a choice. I will kill the mother, with the kid forced to watch. Or, they can leave, run away… without their kid. I will torture them for a day or two and then, I will finally allow them to leave this world, live in peace, a place where their face and flesh hasn’t been cut and corroded off…

I am still to find a mother who will run… yet to find a mother who picked the right choice. Selfish old bats, they think they are being noble, leaving their child to live, emotionally scarred, always to bear the knowledge, they saw their mothers neck rip and expose her jugular vein. The knife, connecting, and showering the kid in blood. Why would you leave your child like that? Why would you not choose right?

It’s the human condition…

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