One day I was walking down the road and I saw something rustling in the bushes off the curb.

Naturally I walked over to investigate.

As i walked I slipped on a plant, dreading the consequences of my clumsiness.

When my head hit the asphalt I felt the blood flowing out of my head.

From the angle I was at I saw whatever it was that was in the bushes get up and get into the road.

It started off and walked towards my house.

I had tried to focus on it but I'd blacked out.

When I'd awoken the sky was black, I obviously was out for whole day.

Why didn't my parents come to search for me?

Well, they surely were worried at least.

So i headed back home only to find the door locked.

This was no surprise because the doors are always locked at night.

I found the spare key underneath the lawn gnome and opened the door to find all the lights off, even the lamp in the kitchen.

That's odd, they always left that light on.

I walked downstairs to my parents' room, still dizzy from the blood loss.

I needed to let them know that I'm okay, even though I needed to get to the hospital.

I opened the door and before I turned on the lights I notice something...

The floor is wet and sticky.

I slowly reached to turn on the lights and came to see that the wetness was blood all over the floor.

But my parents were gone.

I ran to my room and stopped to slowly open the door.

I didn't turn on the lights.

Whatever bloody mess is in here i don't want to see it.

Wait... what's taped to the edge of the mirror?

And why is the mirror on the floor?

I walked over to the mirror slowly, to see that a piece of my mother's hair is what's taped there.

I shifted on my feet ever so slightly, revealing what is behind me.

It's that thing I saw in the bushes, I could tell by the look I saw in its eyes.

I could finally see what it looked like.

It stood on its two muscular arms, curled up into fists.

No legs though.

Human skin, but this is in no possible way a human...

No face, except for that piercing grin.

That grin... something about it tells my body to run away.

But that grin... something about it tells my mind to be calm and to welcome its presence.

When I looked at this... this creature, I saw then what was wrapped around its wrists...

My parents' skulls.

Then, it tilted its head, grinned its grin, and whispered...

"Welcome Home... I've been waiting."