So, here I am, eyes open, in the pool of my own blood, full of regrets and despair, but, how did I get here? Do you even care? Do you even want to know why I wrote this?! Does not matter, but since you're, I'm gonna tell you anyway...

My friends and I friends loved doing sleepovers, we would either sit by our laptops playing a game together, or watching a movie on the TV. We used to do this every week or so, usually on Saturday, since it is the only time we don't have to go to school and we don't have any sport practices or anything. It was just me, Lucas Carl, ANOTHER friend named Carl (We would just usually call them by their surnames), Mara and Anna.

When we had our sleepover for the week, we decided to play Dungeons and Dragons, since we were the nerd kind of people, and then watch a comedy, usually The Big Bang Theory, which we all adored, but Mara was just getting to know it, so we showed her.

We were watching our show, until I saw that Lucas wasn't here, so I called for him, and I heard him say that he was in the bathroom, when I heard the flush and the door open and close. I was looking to the direction, he wasn't there. So I went over, just in case he went into the kitchen to maybe grab something to eat, to see his body. Rib cage open, guts out, like he was eaten by some beast, I yelled, oh I yelled so loud, to see my best friend go like that, they came running over, but the door wouldn't budge, then I heard torturous yelling from the other side, like they were getting manslaughtered, they probably were.

I was trembling in fear, I tried to break the window open, but I couldn't, I was so scared and my arm was so weak, it almost missed the window. Then I saw the door being opened, there stood something horrible, it had a giant blade, and drenched in blood, its head was split open, other arm off. He raised his sword up and swung it at me. Boom. I am dead.Template:Sort