Nine months ago, I spoke to Russell for the last time. We had been on the verge of breaking up for sometime and I admit that night I had just been shot down by another guy, but that was not the cause of this being our final conversation. No, the reason is much more confusing.

It was about 1 when I called, hoping that maybe he’d be game to give a late night blow job. Our talk was mundane at first, I didn’t want to cut to the chase given the state of things. He was semi-watching some old British horror film on TV. He couldn’t give me a name for it or name any actors in it but it seemed to be about witches. It was pretty loud so I asked him to turn it down. When I finally got to the topic he seemed to be interested and told me to head over. As he told me what wine to bring, I began to hear some screams from the TV. I again asked him to turn it down but it just kept getting louder and louder until it drowned him out. I hung up thinking he was just messing with me for such a late night booty call but he did tell me to come over.

After buying a bottle of red, I headed over to his place. When I got inside I went to the living room expecting to find him there and to my surprise he wasn’t. The TV was on at reasonable volume and it seemed to be the same film Russell had been watching, complete with black cats and warts on noses. I inspected the rest of the apartment but it was empty. I waited in the living room watching the movie, thinking Russell had gone to buy a pack of cigarettes but after twenty-five minutes I got worried and called his cell only to discover it was in the kitchen. At the hour mark, I called the police.

The police discovered no signs of forced entry into his apartment and no footage of anyone entering or exiting the building (Besides myself) between the time I called him to the time I called the police. To this date I wonder about what could of happened and I think back to the film and the screams.

While I sat there watching the film, there was a scene where the main witch was confronted by a cop. She said, seemingly breaking the forth wall: “We witches take what we want, from whom we want because people like you don’t know what to do with them!” Now I know that back in the day, B-Movies did stuff like that all the time but with everything put together I honestly don’t know what to think and that worries me.Template:Sort