Warning: This Pasta may cause paranoia read at your own risk

It all started in the summer of 2012 April 2. I was in my room listening to my music when I heard my little sister calling me. I went to her room but no one was there. I went from room to room but didn't find her, yet I could still hear her calling my name and giggling. I went to my bathroom and found her in the bathtub. She was bleeding all over and still calling my name and giggling. I asked her why was she giggling if she was bleeding and she said because the pain feels good. Then I told my mom and we rushed her to the hospital in Hanford Ca. They said she was bleeding internally and that she is going to die that day. My family and I cried the whole day praying for and giving her everything she wanted. But, she was still giggling. I asked her again why is she laughing and she said because and then her eyes closed and her heart rate stopped. She had passed away. To this day I can still hear her giggling just like if she was near me. I started to see her everywhere I went. I feel like she's following me. I can't live like this no more I can't eat I can't sleep I just need to die. I can still hear her right now. Now that you have read this she will come after you and you will hear the laughter.