I never knew my parents. From my youth, I was going home from my home. They know in secret; All the young men helped me. They ridiculed me. Members of the Escat league have tested, studied, learned, and tested. My two parents taught me well. They finally understood that I do not like the activities I have researched and studied. People study magic and science. I can not say that I worked well with my two other brothers. My eldest brother is a bronze. My youngest brother was in a large laboratory. As a helper assistant of a large laboratory. We have a child's opponent. He may be better than me, but my sister might be strong, but I still prove to be an able researcher. Anyway, research is on my way. One of the best ways I've learned is that I'm better than researching and research helps me. Thou shalt not steal; I will not steal. I use it as an inspiration, let people know I should not be ready yet. I use my experiments and experiments to check my own theory. Recently I met my brother's journal and inquired about ways to refine the refining process. I did not steal his notes and worked on them instead of producing woolen sheets and producing low production output in the production process. I still make my own notes and experiments, and I use others as an inspiration.

At one glance, when I looked, I grabbed my room in my room. Someone has already built me. They said, "Woe is me! People are very useful skills to teach their gavesanaritikalum, they fire me, and I wanted to tell you I unarnnenn a number of ships of war." I ksatamelppiccirikkunnu the eyes of one of them, I do not know who they are and why, and the next thing I know, a mad N I felt like the homes damarin, that night, I saw a person in my assignments, I have no doubt, one of them, but I have the feeling that I was doing, my brother is suspicious, and now I think it's part of the tax.

That leads me. My team said in the league that I wanted to go to Undecick to find extraordinary facts known as Fressas. In fact it is a story. I'm honest and honest about how I work. But here I am looking for a job in the diary. I do not know why they looked. Open your eyes and let the people understand. Even worse, they will learn the secrets they never expected.