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File:The Little Red Bow-0

One day, mommy gave me a red bow.
The bow is so pretty. Mommy told
me it looked beautiful. The bad part
is, mommy died a year ago; then,
daddy married some lady.

I didn't like her. She was mean.

One night, daddy and the lady got drunk.
They came home and called my bow stupid.
While they were sleeping, I played with them.
I colored daddy red. I colored the lady red, too.
They look so nice now.

After that, I played with the lady's head
noodles. They were mushy. I tried to play
with daddy again, but he wouldn't wake up.

Daddy and that stupid lady... they never
did wake up. Maybe I shouldn't have played
with the lady's head noodles or removed daddy's
tummy tubes, but they look so pretty in red.

I have a question for you: do you think my bow is pretty?