It all started about a week ago. I was on the Creepypasta Wikia, enjoying myself. I was reading The Russian Sleep Experiment, when my TV suddenly turned on. I wondered why it happened, so I walked over to it. The news was on. It showed a man of about 30 years of age. He name was James Daynor, and he was wanted for murder.

I remembered I had an elderly neighbor who had a son of the same name, who died a few years earlier. I took a picture of the screen with my phone, and went to Mrs.Daynor's house. I showed her the photo and she said that it was her son. I told her he was wanted, but she said that was impossible because he was killed in a rail accident years prior. I went home and saw it was 9:00pm. I was tired, so I went to sleep.

I woke up at 5am that morning. I needed to get some bread, so I decided to walk to the market. It was still dark out, and I saw a figure and it walked towards me. I noticed it was James, and started running. He followed. I ran into an alley, but it was a dead end. James was slowly walking towards me, and I nearly wet my pants. He said "Beware, for He has come". Then he disappeared into thin air.

I ran home, and noticed my German Shepard , Rocky, was dead. I nearly burst into tears. Before I knew what was going on, I was hit by a blunt object.

I awoke in a white room, in a hospital bed. A man approached me. I asked "Who are you?" He responded "Who am I, I'm Him. Now you are going to pay." He took out a knife, and started slicing the webs of my toes, then started cutting my toes off. Slowly, and one by one. I was screaming in agony, while he was laughing crazily. He cut off my legs, then my privates area, then my stomach. All until my neck. Which he didn't cut. He wanted me to bleed to death, painfully. Then, a there was a large thump. There were at least 10 police officers who had knocked down the door. The gunned down "Him", and rushed me to a hospital. I didn't have any arms or legs then. Now I'm just a head and a torso. I'm going to try to overdose myself with Ibuprofen. I hate life now. The memory is haunting me. I CAN'T STAND IT ANY MORE! This is the last thing I will ever write. Just writing this took me a week using my tongue. Goodbye, fucked up world... Template:Sort