There was a average man who went to bed and nine and woke up at six. He would shower, get changed, and drive to work. At five thirty every day his grey SUV would pull up in his drive way with him stepping out and walking to his front door. He would eat his dinner, usally speghetti or chinese, while reading the newspaper. He would then work on any extra work he has to do then watch his favourit TV show. He would brush his teeth and go to bed. One night, however, when going to bed he heard fireworks. This didn't necessaryly scare him but he knew it would keep him up later. He lied in bed listening to the fireworks boom above him and shake his bed. After about thirty minutes it seemed to have stopped but just as he was falling a sleep the loudest firework went off, making him prop up. It was quite for a couple seconds giving the man a chance to clam down but another firework roared from outsied even louder then the last. With the new firework a hand flew out from benth his bed. He was mortifed as a man scrambled out from benth his bed dropping ropes and a knife from his hands. The man raced away into the dark hall as if he was running for his life. That man was terrified of fireworks. Template:By