I am interested in paranormal things. Sometimes I search the web for UFOs, aliens, ghosts, and things like that.

Look, I know you can't believe everything you see on the web, but this footage just seemed so real. Everything looked so real. Call me crazy, but I was convinced this was real.

While looking at videos related to paranormal things (stuff I mentioned in like the first sentence of this pasta) I came across a video about two hikers that had gone missing. The hikers were fairly young and were an engaged couple; their names were Scott Pendleton and Jen Fox.

The video was recorded sometime in 2005, and it begins with Scott and his fiancée, Jen, talking about how they are going to a place called Red Rock National Park to celebrate their anniversary.

The next part of the video, shows Scott and Jen hiking at Red Rock National Park. Scott and Jen are having a casual conversation when they notice something in the sky, it is a meteor and it crashes a good distance away from Scott and Jen, but still in view. Scott runs to have a look at the meteor, but Jen keeps shouting at him not to.

After they looked at the meteor, they were about to leave, when all of a sudden the meteor cracks open! Scott and Jen are both startled by this and decide they really need to leave, but then suddenly, a creature which you can't see very well, jumps out of the crack of the meteor and wraps itself around Scott's face. The creature had knocked Scott on the ground and was making slurping and growling noises, you couldn't see what it was doing to Scott because of the angle of the camera, but it was obvious that the creature was devouring Scott's face and eating him alive. Jen didn't move, she just stood there and watched, traumatized. She panicked but she did not know what to do or how to help Scott, then the creature leaped onto Jen and she screamed!

Then, everything turned to black...

According to authorities, Scott Pendleton and Jen Fox have been missing ever since then. Template:Sort