One day, me and some of my friends Dariek, Sam, and Brock. Went to an old forest in outskirts of our small town. People said there used to be "A Beast" that fed off of children and animals. He would always hang their bones and or make necklaces out of their bones. Then the parents got angry with rage because this beast was taking their children. So they sent out a mob to the forest to kill the Beast, instead the Beast fled off into the nearest nest and well was never heard of again. To this day people have been reporting growling and snarling not even like an animal.

Dariek is gullible, he would believe everything and every fairytale creature. Sam and Brock just wanted to scare the shit out of the poor little guy.

After we got to the outskirts Brock said exhausted " Oh... Oh god I... I'm so tired." Sam back to Brock " Come on you fucking fatass lets just go get the hell up." After that Brock started cussing and yelling out at Sam with Sam doing the same thing.

"You fucking bitch don't call me fat!"

"Well you are you bucket of chicken."

"Fuck you mother fucker!"

I tried to break them up but they kept fighting with, Driek standing in silence. Then something screeched almost like a pig getting slaughtered. Sam and Brock stopped arguing to see what was going. Dariek said scared, "Wha... what the fuck was that?"

Then Sam teased Dariek saying, "You little pussy!"

Then Brock decided that we should head further in to see what it was. For a moment there was silence, then.... Something Broke out in a hurdling panic coming right at us! Brock and I ran for our lives but, Sam and Dariek were left behind, as we ran we could hear the screams and yelping of Dariek and Sam Being cut and bruised then the screams stopped with a little crunch and chewing sound.

I looked back to see Sam's body mutilated and legs eaten to the bone and the thing chewing Dariek's face off!

Brock tripped and fell down, I kept running while Brock was screaming and crying, "Help Help! Please, I don't want to die! Please Help!"

I kept running and heard Brock's scream and that thing eating him it chewing and killed him, I was the only one left I ran and ran not taking a glimpse of the creature.

Finally, I reached the Town. I ran to my house and screamed and ran and ran and ran until I reached my house. I open the door in a panic to get in with my Mom and Dad telling me what are you screaming about?

I told them and they didn't believe me at first when the others were missing that was when they believed me! To this day I do not wish to go back to that forest ever again!Template:Sort