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This dream takes place in Assumption, Nebraska. It's a recurring dream and my hometown.

My cousin and I are watching my family talk, but we get bored fast and decide to go into this old house. It was nothing out of the ordinary, a nice house; as was the first floor, normal. Everything changed in the second floor. On the second floor, there are eyeballs, guts, teeth, etc. in jars. Still being foolish enough to go on, we go down again; now the walls are smeared with blood; fresh Blood. We still foolishly went down only to see an old woman gutted on a gurney; lights flickering above her. She slowly turns and smiles. Terrified, we run upstairs, but no matter how fast we run, she’s right behind us. On the first floor, she is not there. As we get to the door we try opening it to no avail. As she inched her way toward us, she so much as touched my shoulder and we got out. This may not seem like much to you, but it still terrifies me to this day. Template:Sort