This is the “saga” of The Other Internet, written by JohnnyBoy33, and posted on the Creepypasta Wiki.  Each of the four parts were originally posted in their own pages.

The Other Internet Saga

The Other InternetEdit

Have you ever heard of former president George W. Bush’s quote where he mistakenly said “Internets” instead of “Internet”? Well, that was no mistake.

When Bush “accidentally” said Internets, he meant both the internet we all know and love and the other internet. What’s so spine-chilling about this internet? It’s like a virtual Hell. Bush shouldn’t have even been elected president for the 2000 or the 2004 elections. You see, he made a deal with a demon called Iterennt, a loose anagram of the word internet. In order to be elected, Bush would have to create the other internet, to let others know of the devil’s so called “fame and glory”.

It was in early 2000 when Bush sealed the deal with the demon. After he sealed the deal, he set to work on designing the other internet. Bush didn’t even know the first thing about coding and scripting, but that is where Iterennt came to play. You see, Iterennt knew a lot about the scripting language. He was a computer programmer who used his skills for evil. Legend has it that Iterennt was also a good writer.

Just the night before the electoral college placed it’s vote, Bush had fulfilled his end of the deal. He finished the other internet. Just then, when he had told that to Iterennt, he fulfilled his end as well. It was announced that Bush won the election.

Now, back to the the topic of the so called “other internet”. On this internet, it has freaky shit. Why? Because it is haunted.. The entity that haunts this internet is Satan himself.

In the year 2003, a man under the name of Falcon Reeveev bought a laptop that was kind of old, from a thrift store for 30 bucks. He lived out in the country a little bit, and the only internet provider there was a small one called Adfortnet. The night he began using his laptop computer was when they were suddenly hijacked by an unknown suspect transmitting the signals for the other internet. Falcon got those signals, thus having the other internet on his computer. Even after that hijacking, Falcon still was only able to use the other internet. Why? Because his computer would be forever haunted with that haunted thing.

Now that you have read this, you have cursed yourself with the other internet on your computer. Don’t fight it. It’s here to stay. You see, I am Iterennnt. You know how earlier I mentioned that I was good at writing? That is where my talent for writing comes into play. You see, due to the power of my writing, your computer is haunted with the other internet. Never can you revert back.

The Roadtrip HorrorEdit

March 1st, 2013Edit

Hello. I will be documenting my daily life. I will be mainly talking about this underrated phenom called “The Other Internet”. It is supposed to be a hellish version of the internet.

I actually am kind of looking forward to discovering more information on the other internet. Anyways, today I read a story about it written by a demon called Iterennt. My computer is pretty much infected with the other internet.

I guess it behaves like a virus. My first experience with the other internet was when my search engine randomly begin to search the number 666 without my control.. It immediately took me to YouTube, which was odd because I would have had to click on something for it to take me to Youtube, and it didn't even show the Google search results.

I haven’t mentioned my name yet, have I? My name is Mike Johnston.

Back to what I was talking about. When it took me to YouTube I immediately began to try to click the back button. It was not budging, so I kept clicking it over and over. The webpage kept changing. It eventually became red with the number 666 all over it.

After a minute of clicking the back button about 80 or so times, it finally started showing a video. The video had a man cutting off a woman's head with loud screaming that I thought was gonna blow my speakers. After cutting off her head with just a pair of safety scissors, he fed it to a dog. The dog looked like a pitbull, but I couldn’t tell. The video ended there, at five minutes long.

March 3rd, 2013Edit

Well, shit. I just saw a post on Reddit that said that a man got mutilated by a demon after reading The Other Internet story. I do not know if that was the first time someone got killed by Iterennt, and I do not think it will be the last.

March 4th, 2013Edit

Aw dang it. Most of the pages in my journal have been ripped out and pretty much what remains has the number “666” scribbled all over them! I will not get a new journal because I just wanna try to stick with this one and not waste the money.

I will put my journal in a combination safe, and just in case somebody manages to crack it, I have disguised this journal as a study book.

March 8th, 2013Edit

Ok, so. How to start this entry off? Uggh. My brother, Chris, (I have him living at my house until he gets settled in) almost got killed. He was going to our local convenience store (just across the street from our space) and a big-ass truck almost hit him. I am so grateful that he is still alive.

Anywho, something very aberrant happened today. While I was using my laptop to play Dawn Zero (A PC exclusive video game) the power went out. Luckily, my laptop was still running on it’s battery. Two hours after getting the power back on, I beat Dawn Zero.

I decided to start surfing the web. I couldn’t, though, because of my internet being temporarily disconnected for thirty minutes due to a so called IP address conflict. I didn’t really think much of it, so I just restarted the router.

I got back on my laptop and I started browsing on YouTube. I saw what was probably the most spine-chilling video clip ever seen by a human’s eyes. It started off with a black and white clip of a creepy doll that looked like Chucky, wearing a vest that looked like a wet floor sign saying, “Special Report”. The doll was also twirling.

The video then went to a guy holding a camera and entering a room, to find a strange man with an electrical cord where his head should be, and the man was flapping it around. After about ten minutes of that, it then cut violently to a black screen in such a rapid motion that the screen flashed.

After about five minutes of the clip staying on the black screen, it showed a severed head with a screaming and after a while, the screen started flashing.

It then cut to static. It stayed like that for the rest of the video. I don’t know what the video was supposed to be, but it was so blood-curdling.

March 9th 2013Edit

I am in my room. It it midnight right now and I am bored. I think I’ll watch TV.

Oh my god. I do not fucking know how to start describing this. Umm, okay, okay! I turned on my TV, and I saw a girl, sitting in a chair blindfolded. There was a man standing there with a pistol. He gave a creepy smile, then he shot his pistol, with the bullet going through the girl’s head. Her brains gushed out everywhere! It then cut to the man, bending over, picking up the remains of the little girl’s brain, and he stuffed them in his mouth and swallowed them, all in one gulp!

I would call for help, but I accidentally dropped my cell phone in my soda, and somehow my bedroom door is locked. I do not know how, though, because it doesn’t even have a lock to begin with. I couldn’t change the channel or get my TV to turn off, i tried unplugging it, and I even tried lifting it and throwing it across the room, although I wasn’t able to.

I now know that Iterennt is gonna get me. He’ll fucking mutilate me if he finds me. I have to escape. I just have to!

Okay, I have a plan. There is a backpack close to my bed. I will get it, pack my laptop and my laptop accessories. I’ll bust through my window, and I’ll bust down the front door of my house (I have it locked for security reasons) and obtain my iPad, my iPad mini, and if I have the time, my iPod Touch.

I have done exactly what I said I would do. Now I’ll just sprint into the woods and catch some Zs.

March 10th, 2013Edit

It is now daytime. I forgot to mention that last night that I took my wallet, all my money, my credit cards, and my driver’s license. Wait, OH SHIT! I forgot! I could’ve taken my car! My fucking car! I’ll go to fucking retrieve that thing now!

March 20th, 2013Edit

There is a reason why it took me so long to retrieve my car. I did find my way out of the woods, but I ended up in a small town. It took me a while to find a WiFi hotspot I needed a WiFi hotspot so I could find my way around using the Maps app. Luckily, I found one, so I bought a tablet and a pencil and drew out a map that led to my house. I slept on a street close to a McDonalds, then it took me ten days to get to my car. I got my car, and got a whole stockpile of food and water bottles. I also have a buttload of pop.

March 21st, 2013Edit

I decided to infect my iPod Touch, iPad, and my iPad Mini with the Other Internet. I read that story on all of those iDevices. I do not have any idea of what is to happen to me next.

March 22nd, 2013Edit

I have been driving around for at least 23 hours without any sleep. There is a Toys R Us nearby and I am thinking of picking up a ouija board there.

March 25th, 2013Edit

The reason why I haven’t updated this journal in a few days is because I was driving around the state. I am near a JCPenney where they have a WiFi hotspot. I really needed that hotspot as it has been roughly a week since I’ve been on the internet. I don’t care if all I’ll get is the other internet.

Second EntryEdit

So I have been surfing the web for a while on my laptop. I have it charging right now. Anywho, I discovered something very ghostly: Iterennt is around somewhere in my state. Wanna know how I know? Because I was browsing Reddit when i saw a post by Iterennt that said he was lurking around Washington, the state that I live in. I have started following his Reddit page.

March 26th, 2013Edit

Oh my god. While texting my brother, he told me that he found a severed head that looked like it belonged to our father’s. Right then I actually remembered that I hadn’t spoken a word to my father in years. I looked him up on LinkedIn and Ancestry and they both say that he isn’t dead. Tomorrow I'll look him up on yellowpages.

March 27th, 2013Edit

I have looked him up on yellowpages. Apparently he lives all the way across the country, in Texas. My brother and I are about to start driving over there.

Second EntryEdit

Right now my brother and I are on the outskirts of Oregon. In a couple hours we will turn in near a Walmart.

My iPad Mini is now missing. I had it in my backpack when we got in the car, we haven’t stopped yet, I used it an hour ago, and now it is missing. I have a feeling Iterennt has something to do with this.

March 29th, 2013Edit

I have taken two turns driving so far. I am thinking of moving, so that I can actually have a home again. Anyways, we are now in Wyoming. In 1 hour and 55 minutes it'll be my turn to drive. Did I mention we are driving in my brother's RV?

Today whie I was browsing my iPod Touch, when I searched up Tumblr on Google, all it showed me were a whole bunch of pictures of Iterennt. Apparently, Iterennt has different forms, because the pictures of him looked different.

When I clicked away from the page, I saw my wallpaper had changed. It was the same severed head my brother found. If it is my dad’s head, Iterennt obviously had something to do with it.

Second EntryEdit

After I took my turn to drive I plopped down in front of my laptop and booted it up. I started up Dead Rise (A zombie video game) and started up campaign mode. After completing a few missions I found a zombie that looked like Iterennt. I have died a lot trying to defeat that one demon. I think he is somehow supposed to be unbeatable.

Right now my Dish app on my iDevices is the only way for me to watch TV. I am thinking of getting a portable TV, though.

I’m gonna stop writing for now so that I can watch some TV.

Third EntryEdit

I can’t believe the horrifying thing I saw on the TV. At first I saw static, then it cut to a corpse of a little girl. Then the camera moved. Some guy was holding the camera. He held out a bloody knife in front of the camera, revealing that he murdered the girl. It then cut to static, along with the camera falling. It showed a severed head of the girl, with flashing static and screaming. I don’t want to ever re-live that fucking unnerving experience ever again.

Fourth EntryEdit

I have decided to get rid of the Dish app and get a portable TV. Maybe since the portable TV that I would get wouldn’t really be haunted, I’d be able to actually watch normal TV.

March 30th, 2013Edit

So yesterday I got a portable TV for 80 bucks. I haven’t watched it yet, not because of my previous bad experiences with TVs, but because I haven’t had time yet. You see, I have been driving the RV a lot lately, in fact, I’ve been driving it for six hours straight. Right now me and my brother are in the middle of Wyoming. This whole road trip is actually kind of cool. It’s kind of like a vacation.

In the middle of my drive I found that I accidentally hit the same pitbull that was in that strange video on YouTube. When I looked down at his lifeless body, I found that he was no longer there. Could he have not been dead and just walked off?

Second EntryEdit

I have seen that damned pitbull again today. He tried to aim for my brother’s RV and break the fucking windshield, but he failed.

Third EntryEdit

I just found a bunch of DVDs on the street. Most of them were corrupt, except for one. The DVD that wasn’t corrupt started off with flashing static with VERY loud screaming. It then cuts to a photo of The Crying Boy painting. After that, the video cut to a picture of a guy with his eyes gouged out and his intestines around his neck. It stayed on that picture until the video cut to static and then ended abruptly.

Anywho, we are now on the outskirts of Wyoming. So far, this road trip has taken three days.

March 31st, 2013Edit

I just found a picture of that pitbull on my laptop. It’s actually quite a shocking picture of the dog eating the body that the severed head (the one my brother found belonged to. If the picture was more clearer, I think I might be able to say that the severed head didn’t belong to my dad. I really hope that head didn’t belong to my dad.

Second EntryEdit

After taking my turn of driving the RV I noticed something very odd on 4chan while browsing the internet on my laptop. I know all the posts on /x/ are supposed to be paranormal and unnerving, right? Well, I saw an abnormal ammount of posts that were about Iterennt. There were quite a few pictures of Iterennt that I hadn’t seen before, which really disturbed me to a psychological level.

Third EntryEdit

While at the park (my brother had to stop by a park to take a break) I noticed a dark figure off in the woods up in the distance. I think it might’ve been Iterennt, but I am not sure. I am getting sick of Iterennt.

Fourth EntryEdit

Thank goodness this month is almost over. It’s just been one of those months for me. It just wasn’t my month. I think I will be seeing more of Iterennt in April and I am not excited about that.

April 1st, 2013Edit

Me and my brother had an encounter with Iterennt today. He was standing in front of the RV while I was driving, causing me to steer awkwardly, although thankfully I didn’t crash.

Chris and I eventually stopped at a store called Fiesta to get some food. When we got out of the store, I saw Iterennt rushing near Chris’s RV, with a golf club in his hands. I bolted over and grabbed the golf club from him in a very swift motion. I managed to him in the leg with it, therefore he sprinted off.

April 2nd, 2013Edit

Today I found this weird VHS tape that looks like a combination of Spongebob Squarepants and Ed, Edd, N Eddy. It kept skipping frames weirdly along with weird muttering. I do not know what strange obsession Iterennt seems to have with cutting tapes but it is fucking creepy.

Anywho today I saw a commercial on my portable TV. It wasn’t just any commercial though, as it was a Pillow Pets commercial with a demon making an appearance in the commercial. The commercial started off with the announcer speaking, of course, but the announcer had a somewhat demonic voice.

After saying starting off the commercial, the announcer gets in front of the camera and kills every kid from the scene the birthday party scene that they were filming. The announcer starts off by grabbing a knife from behind it’s back and stabbing the guest of honor in the back.

The kid winces in pain as the announcer goes towards the kid’s ‘parents’. It then manages to slash the neck of the female ‘parent’ with blood gushing out all over the knife. The male ‘parent’ then calls the demon announcer a sick fuck. After that, the announcer shouts, “Do you think I would fucking take that insult from a low life fuck like you?” and then stabs him in the gut.

He then starts to chase after the other kids as they run off. He chases two of them into a forest and proceeds to stab them to death. He then kills the camera man, with the camera landing on a street, as a result

April 3rd, 2013Edit

Ok. Ok! For some reason, today, I got an email from my grandmother. My grandmother has been dead since I was 3, but somehow she sent an email to me. I will not write down the exact wording of the email, but I will jot down the details of it. The email basically said that I should look out for a demon with red eyes at my house holding up a severed head. I don’t get why it would need to say that, as me and Chris took the severed head that he found with us I don’t think it really was my grandmother that sent me that email.

April 4th, 2013Edit

I found a folder on my laptop with a video of a masked person talking about how he is a messenger of the devil, how he has killed many people on Earth and how he sometimes brings them back to Hell as trophies, and other times he scatters them in random places. If that video was true, then maybe that severed head didn’t belong to my dad. Just maybe.

Second EntryEdit

You know the severed head that my brother found? Well, it has gone missing. We normally put it in the front of inside of the RV, not close to a window and not facing a window. Well, when I went to the front of the RV this morning to take some medicine, I found that the severed head was missing. My brother has been looking for it all this time, and needless to say, he is still looking for it.

Third EntryEdit

You know how I said the severed head went missing? Well, my brother did find something It was a severed foot. You could see the bone sticking out from the top of the foot. It looked as if some cannibal had eaten part of the foot. Seeing the severed foot almost caused me to puke. As for my brother, he did puke after seeing the severed foot.

Fourth EntryEdit

While driving, I turned on the radio to hear a creepy satanic voice whispering. I couldn’t tell what the fucking demon was whispering, although I did manage to get my iPod Touch so I could record it. I will try to fix up the recording somehow.

Fifth EntryEdit

After playing around with the recording for about an hour on my laptop I finally managed to get something. I have only gotten one word fixed up, and that word is “Lucifer”.

April 5th, 2013Edit

It has been one day since I messed around with the audio from the radio. I made another discovery. While my friend was driving around, we decided to stop at a Starbucks to take a break from all this driving stuff. When we got there, we started out of the car, and a wave of relief hit me as I finally got a breath of fresh air in what seemed like an eternity. While walking around other places close to the Starbucks, I found a flash drive on the ground. The flash drive only had 500 MB worth of storage on it, and even though I was thinking it probably didn’t have anything worthwhile on in, but I decided to put it in my pocket and take it to the RV with me anyways.

When I got to the RV, I put the drive into my laptop. The only file on it was a picture of a girl hanging on a noose with holes where her eyes should be and a slit where her mouth should be. I immediately clicked out of the image after viewing it in full screen and saw that it somehow managed to become my desktop background image. I then deleted the image from my computer.

After changing the desktop background image, I got met with a bluescreen. This bluescreen had chilling stuff written on it, such as, “I will find you” “My knife is ready” You don’t have much to live” and “I will mutilate and mail your legs to your family and keep you severed head as a trophy”, among other unnerving things.

April 6th, 2013Edit

Today I saw a picture of the same severed foot that my brother found while watching TV. It actually had a bit more detail this time, such as It actually had skin hanging off of it, it had a bit more skin on it to suggest that the foot was eaten, and the bone sticking out of it was bigger.

The guy on camera looked like he was about to dine. He had a fork in his right hand, a knife in his left hand, a napkin tied around his neck, and a plate in front of him. Some guy (I couldn't get a good look at his body because only his arms with the plate were shown on camera) gave the man a plate with the foot on it. He then began to dine on the foot. I just couldn't watch. At one point, I puked, and trust me, it takes a lot to make me puke.

April 7th, 2013Edit

My brother is starting to act very weird. I think he might've developed Psychosis and Paranoia.

April 8th, 2013Edit

On a whim, I decided to buy an Ouija Board. I don't yet know how I will use it yet, though.

My brother really wants me to dispose of the ouija board that I bought yesterday. I keep having to hide it from him.

I did have another random concurrence with Iterennt, though. As I walked out of the store where I bought the ouija board from, I heard dreadful footsteps. Of course, it was daytime, so i would be hearing footsteps anyways, but these footsteps really sound direful.

I turned around, and started ambling toward where I heard the footsteps. After a while of hiking around the store I turned around and saw Iterennt off in the distance. I just decided to start sprinting the rest of the way toward Chris’s RV.

April 9th, 2013Edit

I just woke up to find a lit candle. Right now it is three in the morning. I asked my brother if he lit the candle, but he said he hasn’t even bought or brought any candles. This is really direful. I just attempted to blow out the candle, but it didn’t blow out, as it is still lit. I'm so afraid of the fucking trailer being caught on fire and my and/or my brother possibly dying from said fire.

Second EntryEdit

While watching the news today, my TV began to flicker and flash. It soon cut to a video of a dark room with demonic muttering sounds serving as a voiceover. The video showed a demon holding a knife as he was pointed to it and was nodding.. After a few seconds of the video clip, it cut back to the news. I was really thankful when it cut back to the news, as I love the news, namely Channel 9 News.

Third EntryEdit

Right now we are on the outskirts of Wyoming, and I can now confirm that Iterennt is, in fact, following us. How do I know this? Because earlier I took a snapshot of him while he was looking through our RV window. The snapshot is menacing as fuck. I do not know what the fuck I’ll do now, knowing that Iterennt is following us.

Fourth EntryEdit

Thank goodness now that the candle just suddenly went out. I’m still fucking chilled though, because the candle went out in front of me and it had no reason to, I mean, the wick wasn’t succumbing to the wax yet. I’m still thankful that the candle’s out, though, no matter what caused it to go out or to be lit in the first place.

April 10th, 2013Edit

It was a pretty much good day. We are now on the outskirts of Colorado, so that is good news. We are soon gonna be in my grandfather’s hometown, Driscoll, Texas!

April 11th, 2013Edit

I just started playing around with that audio tape with the recording on the radio again. I’m very close to ending this journal, so I’ll try to cut to the chase here. The sentence I made out from the audio tape was “Stop or else me and Lucifer will fucking mutilate you to pieces. We’ll scatter every bone and every fucking part of your body all over this damned Earth! You only have one day to quit, or you’ll fucking face the fucking consequences. We know where you’re at, and you can’t fucking run. Signing off, Iterennt.

April 12th, 2013Edit

Right now we are in the middle of the panhandle of Texas. I cannot believe that in about four hours we will be in Driscoll! I have to go now because it is my turn to get behind the wheel.

April 14th, 2013Edit

Me and my brother arrived at our dad’s yesterday. So far, everything is pretty normal. I think that Iterennt is stalking us and is somewhere near, if not at, my dad’s house.

Second EntryEdit

Yep. I have just confirmed that the demon is stalking us at our dad’s house. Last night, at 2:00 am, I used my Ouija Board. The demon that I got was Iterennt, of course, and he was scratching at my bedroom window all night. I decided I had enough of it. Even though me and Chris are supposed to stay at my dad’s for seven days, I’ll go and leave early. I’ll tell Chris and my dad, and if Chris agrees with me, then he can go, if not, he can stay and I’ll take some money to rent an RV.

April 15th, 2013Edit

Welp. I’ll be renting an RV. My brother wants to stay with my dad, so yeah. I’ll try to survive. I believe now at this point in time that my journal will be lasting longer than I thought.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I had yet another encounter with Iterennt today? I found him, as a dark figure on my brother’s driveway as I went to hail a cab. Once a cab came to me, and quickly rushed inside of it because of Iterennt. I could have sworn I saw him chasing after the taxi.

Second EntryEdit

Yep. I can now confirm that Iterennt did in fact follow me while I was riding tp the local RV renting dealership. I barely saw him as I went to go rent an RV. It was at about 5:00 am when I saw him, but luckily the dealership I rented the RV from is open 24/7.

April 16th, 2013Edit

I am in the middle of the Texas panhandle now. I might not be writing in this thing for periods of time because I’ll be driving my fucking RV.

April 17th, 2013Edit

I have decided to destroy everything relating to the other internet, including my iPad, my iPod Touch, and my laptop. Tomorrow night I’ll run over them.

April 18th, 2013Edit

I just ran over those fucking things. I do not care if I gave up electronics.

Second EntryEdit

I had yet another encounter with Iterennt, even though I destroyed everything infected with the other internet! It looks like I gave up electronics for nothing. I saw him on a sidewalk while driving my RV. He attacked my RV, jumping on the windshield, which made me crash it into a tree. I don’t know how I’ll be able to pay for the damages. I really should not have destroyed those electronics. I could’ve sold them or pawned them!

April 25th, 2013Edit

A lot of freaky shit has happened to me for the last couple of days. On April 19, I saw Iterennt holding a machete while I was at a gas station. I tore straight to my RV (I got a new one and right now I have two years to pay for the damages to the previous one) then I drove off.

Again, I saw him when I awoke at about two in the morning on the morning of April 20. I saw him above me with a knife in his hand, about ready to kill me. I screamed, and of course, that sent him at me. I ran and got a lit match, along with some bleach.

I threw the bleach at him, then I threw the lit match at him. I saw him burning. Although it didn’t kill him, it stunned him for a few seconds as I darted out of the RV. I darted straight back around my RV, being followed by Iterrent, bolting as fast as I freaking could. I eventually got into my RV, and I opened up and jammed the door shut in a crazily rapid motion.

Then, on the 21st, I saw my ouija board, torn up into seven pieces. I heard fire crackling and satanic laughter behind me. I turned around to see nothing other than Iterennt. ‘Ugh! Now I have to face him again!’ I thought. I grabbed my knife, then I proceeded to stab him in the gut.

He started towards me, so I grabbed my curtains and threw them on the floor, hoping that Iterennt would trip on them and fall down. Luckily he ended up plunging face first onto the floor because of the curtain, so that bought me some time to make a break for it. I did the same thing I did the night before, running around the RV and opening and shutting that door as fast as I could.

From the 22nd to the 24th, I had my RV parked at a RV/boat storage place. I had to, on a whim, because I knew Iterennt was literally chasing after me, but at a faster speed this time. I actually tried to ax off his leg at one point during that whole two-day thing. Eventually, I got back to my RV, but not without Iterennt chasing after me, of course. Now I am in the middle of Idaho, just waiting as I drive to go back to my dwelling.

April 26th, 2013Edit

Right now I am still a little far from the outskirts of Idaho. I still think I am being followed by Iterennt. Will there really be no end to this journal? I am actually starting to wonder that myself. What if Iterennt is on his wild goose-chase for me forever?

April 27th, 2013Edit

I just got back from a Walmart on the outskirts of Idaho. I am about to start traveling again after I finish this Blimpies meal.

April 30th, 2013Edit

Today I had an encounter with Iterennt. I am now writing this entry at a local coffee shop. I had my encounter after walking out of a local gas station. I saw him with a creepy-ass smile cast all across his face, holding up a machete, ready to mutilate me with it.

I got out the switchblade I had in my pocket (I no longer feel safe without any sort of weapon for defense, namely a knife) and I rushed out of the sight of the gas station camera, as I didn't wanna risk getting into trouble with the law, and then I stabbed Iterennt in the gut, then stabbing him in the neck four times, with blood gushing out all over my hand, and my knife breaking. He actually did manage to scratch me on my arm, getting a big old scratch on my left arm right after my switchblade broke. Weaponless, I rushed into my RV, and drove off.

May 2nd, 2013Edit

I am finally at home. I found my iPad Mini! I found it in my room, and I didn’t know how the hell it got there. I did a complete restore on it, erasing everything on it. I have now gotten a new laptop and soon, I hope to get an iPod Touch and, possibly even more down the road in the future, an iPad!

So, I guess this is the end of the journal. I have no regrets for ending this journal, as I am finally free of the other internet, although I know Iterennt is still out there somewhere. I'm out of pages anyway, so yeah. From Micheal Derrick Johnston, I bid you farewell.

The Other Internet Part IIIEdit

I had just finished giving leg replacement surgery. It’s about time for me to punch out and go home; It is about 5:00 in the morning right now. Hey, what do you know, I’m being called in to a room via intercom by Dr. Beckman. I’ll go see what she wants.

She said I can’t punch out anytime soon. Damnit! I originally thought I would be able to go home at half-past five, but instead I have to stay for eleven more hours! Oh well, someone’s gotta put food on the table here.

Oh, and my name is James Twipp.

I’m on a break, right now, it's 9:00 am. I’m gonna go home to get my tablet and my notebook. I had to explain to my Steam friends why I most likely wouldn’t be on for eleven hours; I haven’t had any free time in two weeks!

I had just gotten on my notebook and found this rumor about a story that supposedly haunts your computer if you read it; I think that stories like that are utter bullcrap (I’m calling the B.S. card on that). Wait a minute, I’m hearing some intimidating creaky reverberation; Oh well. I’ll just dismiss that; I think it is just this hospital, as I’ve heard rumors before that it is 100 years old.

I tend to sleep when I’m still on the job, but only when I'm not needed for anything. The reason why? I haven’t been able to even step a foot in my home, in 32 hours, because of how demanding my job is. The boss allows us to do that because of how demanding our jobs are.

I just got to back to my dwelling now. Yay! Finally! When I get home, I’ll gonna play some video games, and take time to catch up with my Steam friends.

While playing video games, I heard a scratching sound from my window. That normally wouldn’t have frightened me, but it did because it was really late in the dead of night. I went and took a look through the window and saw a strange, hooded man in the street just ahead of my house. I shook it off and went back to playing Battlefield 3.

At 5:00 am, I heard a knocking at my window. I was really hoping it was just a tree. I went to check it out. I saw a whole bunch of scratches on my window, although the knocking stopped once I looked. I slept next to a window, and I didn’t have blinds or curtains for it. After a few more minutes of gaming, I decided it was time to hit the hay-sack.

While I slept, I had THE MOST unnerving dream ever. I dreamt that I was sleeping on my bed, and next to me was a dead human body that acted almost like a zombie. In its, hand, it held up a scalpel. Two years ago, I had to give a person brain surgery due to a life-threatening tumor. Two hours into the surgery, I accidentally killed him; His name was John Gunn.

I decided to do something to get rid of that freaky mutant zombie thingy once and for all- I sold my notebook on eBay for $300. Ever since then, I haven’t seen him at all.

Night at the OfficeEdit

This is my suicide note, well not completely my suicide note, but more like my last message to the world. Here, let me explain.

It has been several days since I discovered this online story that I wish I never have even discovered. The first time I knew I was actually being haunted by it was when I found a box sitting my by desk. Once I opened the box, I saw a gouged out eyeball.

The weekend after that (the day was a Tuesday) I decided I was gonna pop the question to my girlfriend:I’d propose . Waiting for that day was hellish. First off, when I awoke the next day, my house was a wreck. It took me six hours to clean everything up, from the toppled sofa to my chairs knocked down on the fucking floor.

The same thing happened to me the next night. I wanted to make sure no one kept breaking into my house, (and if they were, I could have him/her arrested) so, of course, when I awoke Thursday morning, I looked on the footage of the cameras. I had to rewind it until I as my stuff randomly move without anything visible moving them.

Afterwards, I drove off to my job. (I had a regular 9-5 job, so I could stay up a little later or sleep in a little later in the mornings) my job was being an office worker at one of those companies where you sell and manage domains. I thought the job was kind of cool, although I was mainly in it for the money.

Evidently Iterennt is still following me at work. At around 3:00 while working on Humorchair (one of the websites we own), the screen just flashed into a page where the number 666 was written all over it. After just clicking the back button once, every single freaking light at the workplace went out. While the lights went out, I heard a loud, satanic growl. I began walking, just walking. I didn't have any idea where I was going, but eventually I wound up in the conference room. I saw a lit match, and a pair of red eyes. I thought that the demon I came face-to-face with was gonna try to launch the match right at my clothes.. Once I tried to make a run for it, I heard the demon begin talking to me in a very low voice.

“I know who you are,” The demon began. “You are one of the many, many fucking guys who read my story. So, yeah, so unexpected you would fucking meet with me face to fucking face! Here, I’ll make a fucking deal with you. if you can escape this now hellish office, You’ll get to not be cursed with the other internet forever! But, however, you will of course have your end of the bargain;you will have to go down to Hell when you die! Oh, and any other shits you talk to will go down with you!”

“Oh my God,” I began to say before Iterennt interrupted me . “God won’t help you now!” Iterennt barked.

“Iterennt, I hate you. You have freaking cursed me with this other internet shit. But whatever, it would be fucking nice to not have to live with the other internet.” I said after i was rudely interrupted.

“Ok, then! It’s a deal! Let’s seal this pact with blood!” Iterennt shouted.

“What the fuck! Are you insane?!” I then countered.

“Of course I am, who the fucking hell do you fucking think I am?!” Iterennt bellowed back.

As I started out of that fucking room, Iterennt tore his claw into my back, drawing blood and ruining my best work short . I eventually found my way out of the conference room, after falling about fifty times. I found what looked like the same match that Iterennt used. I tried to wave it into the air to see if I could get it to light, and it worked. I found myself in one of the halls in the workplace, thanks to me being able to light that match. While walking down the hall, I found a heavily mutilated corpse, with a cleaver stuffed down stuffed down its throat, After further examination, I found the corpse belonged to my fucking boss

As I made my way out of the hall, I saw that all the computers in MCR-3 (The company that owned this office building liked to organize things, so they called a room with a lot of cubicles a “Mass Cubicle Room” or MCR, if you will. Inside MCR-3, I found that all of the computers had been smashed, with electric shocks pulsing out of them. I had to keep jumping, rolling, and ducking. After I made it out of there, I heard a very loud, bloodcurdling scream.

Sometime after, I came across a chilling dark room. I heard a lot of demonic cackling. Once I began walking, I saw what looked like Hell itself. I saw a couple of demons. One of them came up to me, and for some reason, handed me a laptop. I thought the demon was gonna try to kill me.

I then woke in my cubicle. “Had the whole thing just been a dream?” I thought to myself. I started to her footsteps, so I focused my eyes onto my desk. I started to get on my computer to pretend to work, thinking the footsteps were my boss's. I noticed that laptop from my dream was standing on my computer desk! I decided to just half-ass it and get on the laptop. Maybe the boss would believe me?

I only saw one file on it called "red eyes.exe", so I decided to click on it, since it was the only file on the notebook. When I clicked on it, the first thing I saw was a screen with just red eyes that said "Made By Lucifer".

It then went to what looked like a mediocre designed indie game. It showed what looked like a fucked up demon. The location the demon was at looked like the inside of my house. Did I mention that the footsteps were getting louder? Anywho, the ghost in the game-thingy went outside. It was night time, so it was especially blood-curdling. The ghost took what looked like my car, and started driving. At first, I thought it was just driving in some fucking random directions, but soon it stopped at the workplace where I work at. It banged down the office door, and went in.

At the same time it banged down the office door, I heard an extremely loud noise. Once it went in, the lights flickered twice before every damned light bulb shattered. I ducked, trying not to get hit by flying glass and whatever. I began ambling through a huge row of computers. As I got closer, I saw ten claws on two hands. I also saw a pair of dark, hollow eyes. Some of the bloody claws swung out at me. I realized that the demon that I encountered was the same demon in the computer game thingy! I knew I had to run, so I bolted off. At one point, when I didn't realize that I had shaken the demonic figure, I accidentally slammed into a computer.

Once again, I blacked out. I had this chilling fucking dream. I was floating around the office, but at night time. I also couldn't control how or where I floated. I was hearing strange, demonic voices. Out of all the one-four thousand fucking voices I heard, I made out about 40 of them. One of them said Wake Up and another one said Don’t Leave. Most of those damn voices sounded like children’s voices.

When I woke up, I found I was tied to a chair with a gag in my mouth. After only one minute, I saw the light in the room start swinging side to side. I shut my eyes tightly, trying to fight off the anticipation to open them. After about ten minutes, I opened them. I saw a gargantuan television screen in front of me, although the freaking TV looked old. The TV suddenly started playing a video with static all over it, and screaming. Eventually, the camera fell, and I saw a creepy doll. The doll looked very old, like it was made in the 19th century.

Eventually, after I blacked out, I saw myself close to the front entrance of the office. I started sprinting toward it, and tried to open the fucking door, hoping I wouldn't have to break through the glass.Of course, I found that the damned door was locked, so I busted through the glass. My whole body, of course, began to hurt very fucking much. Now, I am in my room, waiting to die. I do not wanna wait to die, but I have no choice. Iterennt is still out to get me, and he has locked all my bedroom doors so I cannot get through them, and trust me, I've tried. I even go to the gym every day! I should have enough muscle to kick down my fucking door if it was locked normally! Like all other bedroom doors, my bedroom door locks only from my room, when I lock it. I forgot to bring my cell phone with me, so I’m fucked. I guess my girlfriend will have to go spouse-less, and it will be because of me.

A dead man’s body was found weeks later. Detectives and cops think the guy went insane and possibly tried suicide.

Defected LaptopEdit

It was NOT a normal time for me. I’m in prison now, and I can thank The Other Internet stupid bloody virus. I got it on my laptop, and here is what happened.

One day, I was reading creepy stories on the internet. I stopped when I found one called “The Other Internet”, because I got hungry. So I got my backpack and headed off to my local store. I got a case of beer, smuggled it to the bathroom, then emptied the contents into my bag. After that, I saw a box of Twinkies, so I went back to the bathroom and repeated. I also saw some nutella, so I did the same thing by going into the bathroom and tearing off the label. My bag was getting pretty stuffed by that time, so to avoid being caught, I just snuck out of the store. I immediately went home with all the stuff I snagged ate a couple of nutella sandwiches, then read the story about that fucking virus.

After reading that story, I decided it was a bullshit urban legend. I went onto the desktop so I could load up some other application, when I saw a video that said Demon Hanger, so I clicked on it. The first few minutes of the video showed a kid, with hazel eyes, that looked like a doll. It then flashed to a few images of what looked like a dark-figured demon with the reddest eyes, eyes redder than blood. The demon was breathing creepily heavily. After about ten minutes, it cut straight to a video of the same demon the video kept cutting to, but this time it played a video of his head turning to the camera on loop. I tried to fast-forward, but my laptop wouldn’t let me. After a long twenty or thirty minutes, the video finally cut to a mirror with blood smeared on it, and you could hear an raucous, deafening scream. The video cut off after about five or so minutes of showing that photograph.

Once the video ended, I packed up my laptop, took out my cell phone, and called up one of my friends asking if he wanted to smoke weed with me. He said yes, so I went up to his crib. We smoked until we got stoned off our fucking asses. I happened to bring my bag, with my stolen crap and my laptop. I brought out my laptop, booted it up, then I began to browse the web. After going to Youtube, I found all of the videos on there were pretty much demonic. I didn’t click on any videos, but however, most of the thumbnails had negative or red hues, and images of what looked like demons. My friend asked me if I wanted to play PS3 with him, so I said yes. I preferred Xbox over Playstation, but my friend preferred Playstation over Xbox. We played Tomb Raider for a while, then we decided to quit. We began watching YouTube videos on my friend’s Playstation, while I browsed the web. I found a whole bunch of demonic, frightening shit that I bookmarked for later, including articles about children getting murdered in horrific, violent ways, demons, and just demonic articles. There was one about black magic that talked about the devil.

After watching about what seemed like a million YouTube videos, I said to my friend, “You know, I made us fake I.D.s with our exact names. That’s why I was hammering you for so much personal info last night. I stayed up all night making them.”

My friend responded with, “Really? Let’s go get some Marlboro Reds.”

I then said, “Alright. You go get the Marlboro cigarettes and I’ll go buy some weed.” I happened to have a friend who had really strong connections with a weed dealer, so he got weed for free, so he gave some to me. His name is Preston, and he rarely even gave me weed. He usually made me pay for it, but at a big discount. Me and my friend decided to go to the local park (we had several parks and several other places to smoke our stuff, but we decided on this one local park) and see if any of our friends were there. I brought my laptop again. I decided to go to a shaded area, with a whole bunch of tables (a common hangout) and I smoked one of those Marlboro reds. (my friend bought myself and himself a pack) One of my other friends, Leonard, (we just called him Lee) whom was the youngest of the group, just recently turned 14. He brought some beer, and of course, consumed it “Did you bring a pipe?” I asked Lee.

“Yes,” Lee replied. “I brought two. I also made a soda can bong.”

“Sweet!” I exclaimed

“Alright now, I’ll go look for a couple of them fucking cigarettes” Lee declared..

While I was on my laptop, I saw a bunch of petrifying pictures, although I was relaxed because I was still high off of the herb. Some of the photographs were dead bodies, horrific photos of kids after being ran over by a vehicle, severed heads, red eyes, and demons. After a while, I decided to get off my laptop. I asked my friend if he wanted to go bowling. He said yes, so we rounded up some other people, including Lee, a chronic pill consumer named Derrick, a tall person named Larry, and a fat person named Falcon.

“Alright, who wants to drive? Marley, the friend that I’ve been talking about, asked.

“I’ll volunteer,” Falcon offered. “for a bottle of pills.”

“Whatever,” I said. “I’ll get you some when I have the time.

“Alright.” Falcon replied.

Once we got to the bowling alley, Falcon put our initials in, as we were gonna duel against another group of people. He just called us The Heads, which was supposed to be short for the potheads, but since pot is illegal, he shortened it to heads. We bowled against a group of seven white people and one black person.

“Oh snap son!” Gary, one of the people we were dueling, exclaimed. The match was very close.

“Alright Marley, you can do this. Bowl us a strike! We will win!” Lee encouraged.

Marley bowled a strike, and although the people we dueled with were kind of discouraged, we decided to talk in the parking lot.

“Alright, I’d love to stay and chat,” One of the people from the other group, Don, declared. “But I’m gonna go smoke some weed.”

“Hey, we do that shit!” Larry exclaimed.

“Oh really now?” Dannon, another one of the people, questioned. “Because one of yous looks like a fucking 12 year old.”

“Um, excuse me, but I’m 14.” Lee declared. “Here, want some beer salt?”

“Sure.” Dannon replied as he sprinkled some into his hand.

“So, you wanna do shit with us?” Lee asked.

“Yes,” Don replied.

So we went to Don’s house and sat on his porch, smoking cigarettes. I smoked the rest of my pack, then I went back home to get back on my laptop. It might’ve been because I was high, but I thought I saw some dark figures from the corner of my eyes.

That night that I slept, I dreamt of being kidnapped by a demon, with gargantuan, sharp, acuate horns, burned black skin, and red eyes. He strapped me to a chair, got an iPad, and forced me to watch abhorrent, gruesome things on it. I saw a bunch of unnerving pictures, of demons, disfigured faces, people just being murdered in such grotesque ways in general. I was also forced to watch videos. I didn’t like it. I could’ve sworn that at one point I was watching Satan’s Sphinx.

After that nightmare, I decided it was too much. I went to walmart, in order to discard my laptop. I put it in my bag, along with some food and drinks, and went off. After shoplifting some sodas, some gum, and a watch, I went to a clothing section at the back of the store and slowly and gently put down the laptop. I was, of course, was seen on a surveillance camera. I then started walking off. It was a freaking great plan, I just didn’t count on the laptop exploding just like a fucking bomb.

I am now in prison. I have been charged for shoplifting and murder with a deadly weapon. (they think I planted a bomb, when it was my laptop that just happened to explode like a bomb) Law enforcement doesn’t know about me smoking and popping pills. I have a drug test coming up, so I’ll just take one of my system pills from the bottle I smuggled with me. I’ll get a lawyer and he’ll try to convince the judge or whatever that I’m innocent and that my laptop really was a laptop. He’ll also try to save me from death row.